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Recently, I had a conversation with the CRO of exciting SaaS startup. He had built sales development six months earlier and was frustrated with the results to date. Prior to his current role, he was Director of Sales for a well-established, big name company. Now at a startup, he faced no name recognition and next-to-no […]
For our recent eBook, we asked several sales leaders to name a sales metric that more managers should be tracking. One of the sales leaders we spoke with was The Bridge Group’s West Coast General Manager, Sally Duby. Not only do you need to track and measure the number of prospecting calls/emails, but also how many […]
Are you prepared to transform sales reps with little-to-no experience into quota crushing all-stars? You’re going to need to. According to data from the Bridge Group, the average experience of inside sales reps selling SaaS products is 2.6 years at the time they are hired. That’s hardly enough time to master the the often complex science […]
New data from the Bridge Group reveals that while the average number of dials that sales development reps (SDRs) make has remained constant since 2007 (52 dials per day), the number of conversations that those dials yield is dipping (down to just 7 conversations per day for outbound prospectors). Even more interestingly, the same study shows […]
According to recent data from the Bridge Group, 24% of sales development reps (SDRs) report directly to Marketing. These numbers are similar to what we’ve been seeing with our own customer base, indicating not only more responsibility for customer acquisition from marketing leaders, but also increasing alignment between Sales and Marketing. Simply put, closing deals is no longer […]