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How to Prep for a Demo Using Calls in Conversation AI

3 min readMay 10, 2022

The legendary race car driver Bobby Unser famously said about racing, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” And that’s just as true when it comes to conducting a winning product demonstration. 

When an opportunity to demo your product arises, the preparation you put in beforehand has the most significant impact on the success of that call. That’s because every customer’s needs are distinct, and each of them is looking for a particular solution. 

There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demo to gain a potential customer’s business. If successful, a demo call shows the prospect how your product will improve their lives and, just as significantly, what they will lose out on if they don’t choose you. 

So how do you prepare a fantastic product demo? There are many ways to research a potential customer, but nothing better than hearing it directly from them. 

In this video, Haley Henson, Commercial Account Executive at Revenue.io, explains how she uses Conversation AI to learn straight from the customer and prepare for a successful demo.

Preparation: The key to becoming a sales pro.

Conversation AI is a powerful platform for coaching teams at scale and surfacing essential insights. And it is a critical tool for Haley’s preparation process before important demo calls. 

That’s because she can listen to all the recordings of her SDR team, who are in charge of booking her meetings with prospects. With Conversation AI, Haley can go into each of those calls, learn how the call went with the SDR, and better understand where the customer is coming from. 

The first step is finding the call in which the meeting was booked, a simple search that instantly pulls up all conversations attached to that customer or agent. 

Haley then listens to gather insights about what the prospect is interested in or the pain points they may have revealed during the initial call.

💡 Tip from Haley: If the call is lengthy, you can easily listen at faster speeds.

While listening to the recording, Haley quickly scans through the keyword list Conversation AI automatically generated and identified as important to see which words stand out. In this example, Haley notices “pain” and “problem” in her keyword list, which can be crucial to review before the call. By clicking on each word, Conversation AI indicates where each was said during the call and lets Haley quickly jump to each section to listen in. 

As Haley shows, gathering preliminary call data through Conversation AI helps her prepare and feel more confident in a product demo, essential when meeting with new, potential customers. 

Every customer is unique. Your demos should be too.

A winning product demo doesn’t center around the product itself but the customer’s story and how the product can play a pivotal role in solving their unique pain points. Conversation AI reveals vital insights into your customer, helping you plan a demo that addresses those and tell their story to close the deal. 

If you want to learn more about Conversation AI and its evolving sales conversations, be sure to read our eBook Conversations Are Moving Into the Future. And if you’re interested in more sales call tips, check out 10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Sales Calls Today.


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