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10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Sales Calls Today

Is Your Team Wasting Time?

According to research by the Bridge Group, reps have an average of just 4.4 quality conversations per day — a 45% decrease since 2014. So when people say that the art of conversation is dying out, they really mean it.

But it's time to rescue sales conversations from endangered-species status. In this infographic, we have ten research-backed tips that you can use to raise the quality of every conversation you have. And the best part? None of them are complicated, so you can start using them today for better sales calls!

In 10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Sales Calls Today, you'll get info on:

  • The words you should avoid (but that you're probably using all the time!)

  • The ideal talk speed that helps prospects focus on what you're saying

  • Questions and phrases that you can use in every conversation

  • And more!