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Our Job in Sales Is Not To Sell

1 min readJanuary 25, 2021

Our job is to build connections.

First things first.

If we are unable to connect with another person, engage their interest, build their trust and inspire them to take action, then everything else we think we know about how to sell is irrelevant.

First things first.

To sell requires a connection.

With a real-life person. NOT a persona.

A sale starts with a human connection.

A sale starts with two people communicating.

Here’s a simple equation to spell it out for you:

Connection > Interest > Trust > Relationship > Sale

We can’t skip a step. Every element must be present.

It also works this way:

No connection > No interest > No trust > No relationship > No sale

There’s no interest without a connection. There’s no trust without interest.

There’s no relationship without trust. And, no sale without a relationship.

Which means that we have to make the human connection happen first.

That’s our first job.

Think about what we do every day this way:

We’re not sales professionals.

We’re connection professionals.

This can be a confusing reality for the sales professionals who think their job is to persuade customers to buy their products.

If you had to choose between being an expert connector and a skilled persuader, which would you choose?

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