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Product Update: New Features Add Power to Revenue’s Mobile Sales Apps for Salesforce

3 min readJanuary 15, 2014

2019 Update: the Free Mobile CRM App for iPhone is discontinued & no longer supported. You can learn about the new amazing products we produce here.

Here at Revenue.io we never rest on our laurels. We are constantly working (often literally around the clock) to  improve our products. We just rolled out some exciting new updates to our mobile CRM apps that improve speed, stability and offer more powerful features. Here are just a few ways that we’ve improved our free and premium mobile apps for inside sales teams using Salesforce.com.

Improvements to Revenue.io Free

Improved Performance and Stability

Revenue.io mobile product update We’ve made our free mobile apps more stable than ever. We’ve also kicked data loading into light speed so users can see call history, voicemails and activities faster than ever before. We also improved compatibility with Bluetooth devices, which helps reps making and taking sales calls from their cars.

Mobile Sales Check-In

Another exciting addition to our free iPhone app is our mobile sales check-in. This feature is specifically designed for sales reps who either work in the field or take the occasional in-person meeting. When a rep is taking a meeting outside of the office, Revenue.io logs the latitude and longitude of the meeting, syncs the meeting with the Salesforce contact and logs the meeting in Salesforce.com.

Improved Collaboration

Salesforce Chatter is a fantastic way for sales reps to collaborate on deals. This is especially true in B2B sales, when deals have long sales cycles and often require multiple touch points to close deals. We added the ability for reps to share call comments and call recordings with their team via Salesforce Chatter, directly from their mobile devices.

Improvements to Revenue.io Premium

Our premium users will benefit from all the same improvements as our free users including:

  • Faster loading
  • Improved Bluetooth compatibility
  • Improved Chatter functionality
  • Mobile sales check-in

In addition, premium users now have access to several new features.

Local Presence

Revenue.io now enables reps using their iPads for outbound call campaigns to verify and select numbers to be displayed in outbound caller IDs. This enables reps to appear to be calling from a local number. These days, your leads are likely to view your number in a caller ID before answering a call. In fact, calling leads from a local instead of a toll-free number can lift answer rates by 30%.

Cold and Warm Call Transfer

Even with Revenue.io’s sophisticated call routing system, sometimes calls need to be transferred. Perhaps a different product specialist is more suitable to solve a caller’s pain points. Or maybe a rep will want to transfer a VIP caller to a manager. Using Revenue.io premium, reps can now transfer calls to any individual rep or call queue. Our “warm transfer” feature allows you to give others a verbal heads-up prior to transferring the call.

Lead Status Updates

Premium users can now update lead status during calls. Revenue.io pulls in lead status labels from your Salesforce org (e.g. “working,” “contacted,” etc.) and allows reps to select them while chatting on the phone.

Call-Down Lists From Salesforce

Salesforce list views are now supported. You can now pull in call down lists into your iPad. This can be very helpful during outbound prospecting. Mobile reps can work down a lead list faster than ever before.

So if you haven’t already, update your free or premium Revenue.io app so you can benefit from our improved usability and new features right away.

If you haven’t downloaded our free or premium apps just yet, download them straight from the Apple App Store.

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