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How to Use Call Ratings to Improve Lead Quality

3 min readSeptember 10, 2014

With Revenue.io, sales reps have the power to improve lead quality by simply rating calls. While of course the holy grail for gauging lead quality will always be ROI, Revenue.io’s call rating feature enables sales reps to quickly signal marketers when campaigns are or aren’t driving great calls. This real-time visibility can inspire marketers to work more agilely and iterate faster in order to provide reps with high quality sales leads.

As a marketer, I’m not merely concerned with amassing a large quantity of leads. I also want to ensure that I’m providing sales reps with a dependable stream of high quality leads that our reps can close. To that end, it’s absolutely vital for me to have real-time visibility into not only which marketing efforts cause the phone to ring, but also which efforts result in great calls.

Using Call Ratings as an Agile Marketing Tool

Since I track all of my marketing campaigns in Salesforce, I regularly run reports on the ROI of my efforts. If your company has instantaneous sales cycles, then revenue-per-campaign may be the only metric you need to track in order to monitor lead quality in real time. However, as a SaaS marketer, I know that deals don’t always close right away. Therefore, I need a way to gain real-time visibility into the quality of the leads I’m driving. If one of my campaigns isn’t driving high quality leads, I want to know as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Revenue.io’s call rating feature gives me real-time visibility into which efforts result in great calls. This allows me to stay agile as a marketer. I don’t need to wait months to assess which efforts are driving sales. If a particular ad or piece of content isn’t driving good calls, I can iterate at a moment’s notice. By simply rating calls, our sales team helps me to invest more in the efforts that are driving the best calls.

How to Use Call Ratings to Measure Lead Quality

Revenue.io call ratingsHere’s how to use call ratings to gain a real-time view of lead quality in Salesforce.

  1. Use the Campaign Object in Salesforce: it’s vital for marketers to associate the efforts they want to track with Salesforce campaigns.
  2. Measure Ratings Against Campaigns: Revenue.io’s call tracking feature automatically logs which ads, campaigns and even keywords cause the phones to ring. Marketing simply needs to set up a report in Salesforce that measures call ratings against those referral campaigns.
  3. Log Call Ratings: Now sales reps can simply rate calls between one and five stars. Those call ratings will be automatically logged in Salesforce.
  4. View Reports and Make Smarter Investments: As calls come in, marketers can see in real time dashboards which efforts are driving the best calls. They can then invest more in efforts that are driving great calls.

Call Rating Tips for Sales Managers

Here are a few tips that sales managers can use to maximize the impact of Revenue.io’s call rating feature.

  • Establish specific rubrics for how reps should measure calls. For example, a disconnected number could warrant one star, speaking to cold lead could warrant three stars, while a conversation with a sales-ready key decision maker could warrant a five star rating.
  • Since call ratings depend on reps manually rating calls, try to make certain that as many calls have ratings as possible. Percentage of calls with ratings by rep is a great metric for ensuring that reps are rating calls.
  • Listen to call recordings to spot-check the integrity of call ratings. For example, are your reps giving 5 star ratings to conversations that should have warranted a lower rating?