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How the biggest companies provide the best customer experiences

1 min readNovember 22, 2019

This morning, Revenue.io Founder and CEO Howard Brown joined Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. to discuss how companies like Amazon, HPE, Twilio, SAP, and more use Revenue.io’s ConversationAI to analyze engagements between their sales teams and prospects.

Howard discussed the importance of the customer experience saying,”We’ve moved from a product economy to an experience economy, and brands really care how they can provide the best experience for their customers and prospects because as consumers that is what’s going to make a difference.”

ConversationAI analyzes the spoken conversations between reps and customers, as well as the data from interactions preceding them in order to help companies not only improve their customer experiences but to increase revenue as well.

For example, open-ended questions provide more information than simple yes or no answers. However, open-ended questions also build trust and rapport between a company and a prospect, which therefore increases the likelihood of a sale. ConversationAI looks for questions, where they are within a conversation, and the answers to the questions to determine if a rep is building a relationship, or just looking a yes.

You can watch the entire discussion here: