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Revenue Launches its Free Mobile CRM App for iPhone

Revenue Blog  > Revenue Launches its Free Mobile CRM App for iPhone
3 min readMay 15, 2020

Revenue.io in Venture Beat

2019 Update: the free mobile CRM app for iPhone is discontinued & no longer supported. You can learn about the new amazing products we produce here.

Sales managers want tools that help them manage their teams, and sales reps want tools that help them close deals. We’re proud to announce that our new free iPhone app does both.  Not only does our app give managers better insight into their reps activities, but it also makes reps more productive and successful. In response to all the feedback we got from the early adopters of our iPad app, we’ve also rolled out an updated mobile platform that offers improved functionality and additional features. Here are some ways that our new app can help transform your sales team.

Making the Sales Call Social

Most mobile CRM applications completely ignore the phone call. But for many reps, the phone call is the most important part of their job. We focused on delivering data in the context of the sales call because that’s when sales intelligence data is often most useful. But we didn’t want to simply deliver data from Salesforce.com. We’ve also created an enriched mobile experience for Salesforce.com users that not only delivers call history and prospect data from Salesforce.com, but also empowers reps to view prospects’ social feeds from in a single elegant view before, during and after every call. In addition to offering intelligence from Facebook and Twitter, our app now delivers prospect data from LinkedIn, which is exciting since using LinkedIn for sales prospecting was recently shown to increase ROI.

Put an End to Frustrating Manual Data Entry

Anyone who has worked in Inside Sales, as I have, can tell you that reps want to spend as much time as possible talking to leads. This becomes an issue when reps are required to manually log calls into a CRM. Those that neglect to enter data rob sales managers of precious insight. Those that do take the time to meticulously enter customer data spend less time closing deals. Either way, sales reps and managers both lose.

At Revenue.io, our philosophy is that sales reps should spend more time winning deals, and less time logging activities. Revenue.io for iPhone fully syncs with Salesforce.com to  log activities, allowing reps to close deals, send emails, create tasks and more on the go. Reps can also spend less time preparing for calls by quickly viewing the conversations your prospects are engaged in. The result is that sales reps can not only spend more time talking to prospects, but also close more deals thanks to the prospect data available at their fingertips.Revenue.io Mobile CRM App Outdoors

A Powerful and Secure BYOD App

iPhones are among the top devices approved for bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Following a recent security warning about Android devices from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a task force that includes the FBI, IT departments have been even more welcoming to iOS-enabled devices. Citing the superior security of Apple’s curated App Store, the iPhone’s ability to meet government agency-level security standards, and the secure data transfer protocol of the iPhone’s Lightning connectors, Computerworld’s Johnny Evans remarked, “Apple’s iOS is inherently more secure than Android for a host of reasons, device fragmentation and the availability of security updates.” As such, we feel that iPhones – and iPads – will continue to gain traction as IT departments’ go-to devices for BYOD.  In fact, your security is one of the main reasons we chose to develop native iOS apps.

Benefit from New Features and Improved Stability

We’ve added some crucial improvements to our mobile platform, including improved speed and stability when managing large numbers of contacts in Salesforce.com. We’re also proud to announce that our app now delivers social sales data from LinkedIn. You can also view the geolocation of a prospect’s office via our helpful Google Maps widget and view all your Gmail and iOS calendar items within Revenue.io.

More goodies:

  • Instantly access & edit leads and contacts from Salesforce.com
  • View a contact’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Chatter feeds
  • Add & qualify new leads from your mobile device
  • Effortlessly send & sync email to Salesforce.com
  • Rate calls to give marketing instant feedback on lead quality

Get it free, and see for yourself how Revenue.io can make you more productive and successful.