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Click to Dial Directly from Gmail with Revenue

2 min readMay 16, 2018

Email has always and will forever be a key component in your sales toolbox. There’s plenty of email service providers to choose from, one of which is Gmail. Gmail has rapidly become the email platform of choice for sales organizations due to its ease of integration with other apps. For example, Gmail completely integrates with Salesforce via Salesforce Inbox. Salesforce Inbox enhances productivity by automatically recording activities, logging messages, performing tasks, and more.

Click to Dial from Gmail

To connect your Gmail even further, Revenue.io has click-to-dial from Gmail. When you open an email that contains a phone number, it appears as a hyperlink. Once you click, the Revenue.io Intelligent Dialer automatically pulls relevant lead information from Salesforce, dials the number, and places the call. If the number is associated with a contact in Salesforce, the Intelligent Dialer displays lead information like previous conversations, emails, and content engagements so you can make your conversation as effective as possible.

Click to Dial from Gmail

Click to dial presents a significant time savings. Without it, you have to view the email, search the contact in Salesforce, read their information, find what’s relevant to the call, go back to your email, then dial the number… all before the conversation takes place. With Revenue.io, the information is immediately gathered and the call is placed instantaneously with zero extra input.

Click to dial from Gmail reduces after-call work as well. Since the call is placed through Revenue.io, the activity is automatically logged in Salesforce. This way, you can get to your next dial faster. If the number isn’t associated with a particular contact before the call, you can add it to a lead or create a new one, all within the dialer.  

Email is all about getting leads on the phone, click to dial in the Revenue.io Intelligent Dialer makes that process instantaneous.