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Each day, we here at Revenue.io get to work with true sales heroes, ranging from the front line reps to global executives. One of my favorites are those sales leaders that are focused on sales enablement, defined as having to do with the processes, content, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of the […]
If you’ve been tasked with hiring sales reps, you’ve likely already faced the reality that it’s getting harder and harder to hire reps with proven sales experience. A lot of the sales leaders we’ve worked with here at Revenue.io have told us that competition to recruit reps has grown so fierce that they are hiring […]
What’s almost as important as hiring great reps? Your training process. Without proper onboarding and coaching, reps that could have been all-stars in your organization could end up striking out. In order to be successful, reps need to possess a thorough knowledge of: The solution they are selling Your entire landscape of competitors (and how your solution […]
Today, Dun & Bradstreet Vice-Chairman Jeff Stibel and Five-Time NBA Champ Kobe Bryant unveiled their eponymously named fund, Bryant Stibel. Our founder & CEO Howard Brown was on hand as the fund rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Our team is incredibly proud to be counted among the fund’s portfolio companies, which also include Alibaba, LegalZoom, Datanyze, […]
Recently, we’ve been deluged with sales teams looking for a Lightning ready voice communications platform for Salesforce. It’s easy to understand why, since Lightning has a sexy interface and is slowly but steadily closing functionality gaps that exist with Salesforce Classic. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what’s possible in regards to telephony integration with Lightning. […]
As virtually every sales rep knows, Local Presence Dialing is a game-changer for outbound inside sales teams. Without localized caller ID, it can be tough to get prospects to pick up their phones. But with it, dialing from local numbers can lift call connection rates by up to 400%. But we here at Revenue.io have never been easily satisfied, and our product […]
Years ago, when we were building the original prototype for what would become Revenue.io, we knew that we would have to deliver dramatic gains in productivity, engagement and performance insight for our customers. But we went about that task with the confidence that there was one critical element we didn’t have to worry about: finding high-quality voice carriers for […]
Last week I had the great pleasure of moderating a webinar focused on surfacing the sales enablement secrets of top-performing companies. The panel featured an amazingly diverse array of B2B leaders from KnowledgeTree and Phreesia. What do all these companies have in common? In addition to having top-shelf leadership where it counts, they also take sales enablement very […]
Earlier this year, the Revenue.io product team rolled out international local presence dialing to an expanded list of countries, making it far easier for reps in Europe and elsewhere to have more conversations when calling from one country to the next. Now we’ve taken it one step further by enabling reps to add a preset for the country […]
What’s the single most important factor contributing to B2B sales success? A first-rate product, highly targeted data and top sales technologies are essential, to be sure. But even the best sales stacks won’t help subpar sales talent. Hiring and training the right talent has never been more important or difficult. Most newly hired sales reps […]
Tell me if this sounds familiar: a newly hired sales rep spends a week or a few studying your sales playbook, then jumps on a phone call. The call is terrible. When so much is wrong with a phone call, do you address style, substance, personalization, opening remarks, the ask, closing remarks, or what? And […]
If you think CAC is a weird sound your feline makes when choking on a hairball, you might want to check out our new 2016 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics (On the other hand, if you can already calculate CAC/LTV in your sleep, but you want to teach your fellow sales managers how to […]

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