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Self-Reliance For Sellers

2 min readMarch 1, 2021

Self-reliance is an essential trait for a seller. In my mind, maybe the most important trait a seller can possess.

It reflects an individual’s optimism and belief in their capacity to achieve great things.

It’s in danger of being drowned in the sea of conformity that is sweeping sales.

Here’s what self-reliance sounds like.

“No one cares as much as I do about my success. No one is as invested in my career as me.”

“Being self-reliant doesn’t mean that I do it alone. I proactively seek out coaching and advice from peers, managers and mentors.”

“I’m constantly learning. I’m never satisfied that I know enough. About how the human element of sales. About my buyers and their business. About my products. About my core sales skills.”

“I’m always experimenting in order to improve. Everyday I try to learn something new that will help make me more effective in my interactions with my buyers.”

“I trust my own judgment. It won’t be perfect. However, I’ll own my mistakes and learn from them. I’ll do better the next opportunity I get.”

“I use my losses as opportunities to learn and improve.”

“I don’t win on my own. I’m only as good as the team who supported me and worked with me to win the deal.”

“In the moments that matter, when it’s just me and the buyer, it will be my judgment that makes the difference. No machine will ever be better than I am.”

Sales is a tough and lonely job. It’s become even more so over the past year.

The pressure is on you to achieve results. Month after month. It’s the nature of the job we signed up for.

And, no one will ever care more about your success more than you.

In the moments that matter, who can you count on?


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