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What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is the interactions that occur between buyers and sellers. An engagement can be defined as any action a potential buyer takes on a property or channel owned by the seller. Therefore when a prospect, opens, clicks, or responds to an email sent by a company, any of those actions qualify as a sales engagement. Other examples of a sales engagement include inbound or outbound phone calls, voicemail messages, interactions on a website or social media profile, or even an event or webinar attendance.

Sales engagement data is used to identify what activities, content, and sales tactics drive effective sales conversations and eventually increase revenue generation. The measurements it provides also help sales managers drive team performance. Sales engagement allows managers to track content usage and activities to develop benchmarks. They then can compare individual rep performance in order to surface coaching opportunities, better train reps, and increase overall effectiveness.

Sales engagement data is also extremely valuable to marketing teams, as it provides insight into what content, messaging, channels, etc. are most effective for capturing and nurturing sales leads.

Perhaps most importantly, by tracking a lead’s engagement within your sales process, you can provide your reps with insight into which prospects they need to contact and how to tailor messaging. Instead of dialing at will or sending irrelevant emails, reps can instantly see which prospects are engaging with the most content, along with the themes or topics of the content. This data can then be used to create more personalized messaging and improve overall rep to prospect engagement.