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Zoom Call Transcription

Unleash the Power of AI on Every Zoom Call

Revenue.io records, transcribes and analyzes every Zoom call to double sales productivity and cut new rep ramp time in half.

Double Coaching Productivity Without Adding Headcount

Effortlessly scale your best coaches without having to hire additional managers. Surface the behaviors, tactics and techniques of top reps with Zoom call transcription, then share them with your entire team.

Your Entire Sales Process in One Place

Ensure you have complete and accurate reporting to optimize sales performance. Revenue.io automatically logs every Zoom call transcription to each attendee’s lead or contact record in Salesforce for complete context with no extra effort.

Ramp New Reps Faster

Give reps access to a library of Zoom calls with coachable moments and insights. Revenue.io for Zoom notifies coaches when reps need or request guidance to make onboarding more effective.

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