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What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

What is a sales engagement platformA sales engagement platform is a solution that enables sales teams to deliver high-quality interactions throughout the buyer journey. Sales engagement interactions may include inbound or outbound phone calls, email clicks or opens, voicemail messages, interactions on a website or social media profile and event or webinar attendance.

Sales engagement solutions function as a single interface to measure and optimize interactions between sellers and prospects across all different channels. The ideal sales engagement software will track which activities, content and behaviors drive effective sales conversations and lead to revenue generation.

Not surprisingly, sales engagement solutions are viewed as essential. According to Gartner, over 87% of sales development organizations have adopted a sales engagement platform. This widespread adoption points to the value sales engagement software provides for reps, managers, sales leaders and marketing teams.

Here are some of the benefits of using a sales engagement platform:

  • Multichannel campaigns are easy to plan and execute
  • Sellers can spend most of their day in one place instead of switching between platforms
  • Customization is a standard part of sales campaigns
  • Various metrics are automatically logged for analysis
  • Sales teams can create workflows based on past sales engagements