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The Sales Enablement Soiree at Dreamforce, A Premier Enablement Event

Revenue Blog  > The Sales Enablement Soiree at Dreamforce, A Premier Enablement Event
4 min readOctober 29, 2020

Revenue.io is excited to sponsor the Sales Enablement Soiree at Dreamforce. This exclusive one-day event takes place on Thursday, November 21, 2019, from 8 AM – 7 PM at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. Bringing together sales and marketing leaders, analysts and vendors to exchange best practices and real-world advice to elevate sales effectiveness. It’s the place to garner the information that matters most to you, from thought leaders who live and breathe sales enablement by sharing tips, tricks and highlights from their learnings in a more relaxed atmosphere.

With more than 60% of companies implementing sales enablement, it’s not surprising that attendance of the Soiree has increased each year since its inception in 2015. It has become increasingly important to continually move toward a formalized practice to reap the rewards of increased revenue, productivity and sales win rates. And this event provides attendees with the information and insights needed to do so.

This event covers every aspect of sales enablement including initiating, implementing and improving an existing practice. Designed for sales enablement professionals with all levels of experience and backgrounds, it’s the place to meet others with similar challenges and build relationships while sharing experiences and learning from industry luminaries. This is your chance to meet others like you during the networking sessions throughout the day and build long-lasting relationships that will last your entire career.

Whether you’re just starting to research sales enablement solutions, are ready to get started, considering making a change or are interested in keeping current with available solutions, you’ll be able to visit the solution evaluation area. There, the industry’s leading sales enablement vendors will be waiting to answer your questions. Chat with solutions providers, see demos and gather some of the cool giveaways in the process.

Speakers include top industry leaders such as Mary Shea of Forrester Research, Peter Ostrow of SiriusDecisions and Seleste Lunsford of CSO Insights. The agenda includes keynotes, presentations, panels, and workshops for every step of your sales enablement journey, plus plenty of networking opportunities. These sessions include:

Keynotes by:

  • Paul DePodesta, the chief strategy officer for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the brains behind acclaimed sports film, Moneyball, talking about one of the hottest topics in sales enablement today: analytics.
  • SiriusDecisions, called “Enablement is the New Black: Driving Peak Competence Across the Entire Revenue Engine,” about ensuring internal consistency and excellence in all interactions throughout the buyer and customer journeys to build external loyalty, advocacy, and growth. The importance of unifying internal enablement allowing sellers, partners, customer success and customer marketing teams to optimize the customer experience.
  • Forrester, called “The Future Of Sales Enablement Is The C-Suite,” to help B2B marketing and sales professionals identify gaps in the critical processes and capabilities needed to support a modern sales enablement function.
  • Gartner, called “Escaping the Pain of Commercial Complexity,” about their research into how the best sales executives are helping build the buyer’s confidence that is crucial for making complex purchases.

Panel discussions including:

  • Planting the Seeds for Sales Enablement Led Growth about how sales enablement can start establishing itself as a key for organizational growth.
  • Cohesive Training & Coaching That Impacts Seller Performance discussing building cohesive sales training and coaching programs, delivering those programs to your sales team, and measuring program success.
  • Managers Matter: Impactful Front-Line Manager Metrics discussing the tips and tricks for enabling front-line managers and the metrics to measure them against.
  • Enablement’s Impact on the Customer Experience about how sales enablement practitioners must widen their scope to encompass personalized, meaningful initiatives that span the entire buyer’s journey.

Workshops about:

  • Research-driven steps to explore the unique aspects of your own organization and hone the attributes necessary to develop a more agile salesforce.
  • Four must-win conversations to keep and grow your customers, plus research that reveals what motivates your existing customers to buy during these interactions.
  • How to drive change through sales enablement.
  • How to build modern playbooks with sales plays to focus sellers on a set of activities, enablement, and coaching guidance within a prioritized period of time to optimize deal velocity and sales conversations.

Check out the full agenda here.

Revenue.io is sponsoring this exciting event in an effort to support the burgeoning sales enablement space and the people within it. It’s a must-attend event if you’re interested in learning more about sales enablement or already actively engaged in it.

If you’ve already registered, you’re probably anxiously anticipating attending, but if you aren’t, you need to reserve your spot now because space is limited! We look forward to seeing you there.