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Underrated Sales Metric: Meetings with Key Decision Makers by Rep

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2 min readJanuary 21, 2020

For our recent eBook, we asked several sales leaders to name a sales metric that more managers should be tracking. One of the sales leaders we spoke with was John Barrows, who trains sales teams at many of the world’s leading technology companies, and offers exceptional training content at jBarrows.com

Meetings with Key Decision Makers by Rep

Most companies measure activities like the number of dials, connects, meetings, proposals, etc. These quantitative measurements are all good and should be tracked, but I think we should find ways to track more qualitative measurements. The reason is that there are some obvious and disturbing trends impacting Sales these days, which highlight why quantitative measurements alone no longer cut it.


John Barrows, Owner of jBarrows.com

The first trend is that Marketing is moving further and further upstream into the world of Sales and getting far more targeted with its messaging. The second is that clients now have far more access to information than they ever did before, and are only engaging with Sales when they have to, often after they have already progressed themselves 60-70% of the way through the sales process. Both of these factors are squeezing the value out of what the average sales rep typically brings to the table.

The only way sales professionals are going to survive moving forward is to find more ways to add value to the process and engage at higher levels. This is why I think we should not just measure the number of meetings a rep gets (quantity), but also measure the amount of meetings they get with executives (quality). In addition to measuring closed deals and revenue (quantity), measure the % discount (quality). These are two examples of what I think we should be spending more and more of our time paying attention to and coaching reps towards as the world of Sales and Marketing continue to evolve and force us to improve.

John Barrows
Owner, jBarrows