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Revenue Founder & CEO Howard Brown discusses AI on Bloomberg TV

1 min readMay 2, 2019

Our Founder & CEO Howard Brown appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss AI in the workforce, the future of labor, and how Revenue.io is transforming the sales experience.

Most of the news surrounding AI seems to be negative in terms of impact on the workforce, but Howard shares a more optimistic view. He discusses how Revenue.io not only improves rep efficiency but also how they use AI to improve human performance. Howard gave examples of how salespeople are using AI to surface moments that can be used to make them more effective at selling, ultimately resulting in greater, more sustainable revenue growth for sales teams.

You can view the full segment here:

0:00 how much do you think productivity is being helped or hampered by AI?

0:30 how much human involvement has to still exist to make AI effective?

1:08 will technology and automation destroy jobs?

2:40 what industries are most receptive to AI?

3:30 will the future of AI be subtle and slow or immediate?