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OpsStars – A Sales Operations Event Not to be Missed!

4 min readNovember 6, 2019

Revenue.io is pleased to sponsor OpsStars – Journey to Revenue Operations, the largest standalone event alongside Dreamforce. This unique three-day event, focused on sales operations professionals, takes place on November 19 -21, 2019 at The Mint in San Francisco, CA. OpsStars brings together B2B leaders in Sales, Marketing and Customer Ops as well as the emerging role of Revenue Ops with analysts, thought leaders and vendors to network and learn as well as share insights and best practices.

Revenue Ops positions have increased by as much as 68% in the last year, so it’s not surprising that over 2,500 operations professionals are attending OpStars this year, a 60% increase over last year. Especially since SiriusDecisions found that organizations deploying revenue ops in some form grew their revenue nearly three times faster than those that didn’t. Plus, public companies with revenue ops roles had 71% higher stock performance.

This new organizational model offers a more unified go-to-market (GTM) approach for business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, improving the buyer experience while accelerating revenue and growth. OpsStars is the place to learn how to develop revenue operations to gain the benefits of this new approach.

This event is not only for operations professionals… other sales, demand gen and marketing leaders will benefit from attendance as well.

Operations pros will hear actionable new ideas, approaches, and solutions to their challenges.

Sales leaders will hear how top-performing sales organizations are leveling-up their teams, aligning with marketing and leveraging new technologies to reach their loftiest goals.

Demand Gen leaders will learn from top analysts and high-performing peers how to engage buyers and collaborate with the entire revenue team to drive pipeline and revenue growth as well as seeing the latest in ABM, attribution, and customer experience.

Marketing leaders will hear the latest on leveraging customer experience and revenue operations to influence their go-to-market strategies and transform your bottom line. Plus, learn what top analysts are forecasting to be the greatest drivers of growth in the coming years.

Now in its fourth year, this event offers 65 sessions, keynotes and workshops focused on GTM and revenue-focused topics relating to people, process, technology and data featuring best-in-class speakers.

Keynotes include:

  • “The Journey to Revenue Operations: Charting a Course to 2020 and Beyond,” presented by Steve Silver and Kerry Cunningham of Forrester.
  • “ABM’s Evolution and Its Growing Impact on Revenue Performance,” presented by Laura Ramos of Forrester.
  • “The Future of Account Based Marketing,” presented by Jon Miller of Engagio.
  • “Sales as a Science,” presented by Jacco van der Kooij.

Some of the workshops are:

  • “How to make live chat a profitable part of your business,” presented by Maya Sykes and Ashley Dawson of Intercom.
  • “Are you happy with your abandonment rate? Learn how you can increase your inbound lead conversion 51%. Guaranteed!,” presented by James Kessinger and Geoff Rego of Hushly.
  • “Are your SDRs thriving or just surviving?,” presented by Latane Conant and Ernest Owusu of 6sense.
  • “How to bring down GTM silos with a revenue ops approach,” presented by Lucas Lam and Jay Vira of LeanData.

Breakout sessions include:

  • “For the love of customers; How customer-centricity is transforming selling,” by Rachael McBrearty of LeanData.
  • “Mastering the sales rep ramp – How to rapidly scale a winning sales organization,” by Dean Patton of Pendo.
  • “People based marketing and hyper-personalization,” presented by Ari Capogeannis of Sage Intacct.
  • “Aligning sales operation and enablement,” presented by Dailius Wilson of GetAccept and Pete Prowitt of Intercom.
  • “Contextual data that make your RevOps team soar,” presented by Franco Anzini of Malwarebytes.
  • “Strategizing with intent data,” moderated by Jeff Coveney of Digital Pi with participants Amnon Mishor or Leadspace and Matthew Gingerich of Bombora.

Plus, there are additional activities such as:

  • The first OpsStars Awards program at this year’s event to recognize key leaders and contributors in the operations community.
  • The Women in Revenue at OpsStars Reception celebrating their one-year anniversary, on November 19th, featuring a panel discussion called “Advancing Your Career in Revenue.”
  • The opportunity to join the inaugural class of LeanData Certified Experts where LeanData’s training experts will lead a full day of training on LeanData’s Matching and Routing solutions followed by a certification exam.

Check out the full agenda here.

Revenue.io is sponsoring this informative event to support the growing revenue operations community and the people within it. It’s the event to attend if you’re already leveraging this new strategy, are considering getting started or simply want to learn more.

If you’ve already registered, you’re probably eagerly looking forward to this event, but if you aren’t, you need to reserve your spot soon! We look forward to seeing you there!