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7 Must-See Inside Sales Sessions at Dreamforce

Revenue Blog  > 7 Must-See Inside Sales Sessions at Dreamforce
4 min readOctober 9, 2020

Ready to learn best practices for building a top inside sales team?  Dazed by all the choices on offer? We’ve highlighted some of the top inside sales-focused Dreamforce sessions for you. Enjoy:

#1 Competitive Edge in Today’s Sales World: Jill Konrath & Panel

With today’s escalating buyer expectations and ever-changing business environment, it’s tough to stay at the top of your game. Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling, kicks off the session with a focus on the singular skill that virtually guarantees a successful career. The conversation continues as a panel of leading female sales experts (Josiane Feigon, Joanne Black, Trish Bertuzzi, and Debra Walton) share fresh strategies you can leverage to develop individual and team mastery.

Triple Your Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team

Join moderator Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, and panelists Craig Rosenberg (co-founder at TOPO and The Funnelholic), and John Barrows (JBarrows Sales Training) for a lively discussion about sales development. These panelists and moderators have worked with hundreds of companies as they implement specialized prospecting (sales development) teams. They’ve learned what the best do well to grow sales and where the worst go wrong. You’ll walk away with tactical tips for implementing and improving your top line revenue through a sales development team.

Modernizing Your Inside Sales Team for the Age of the Customer

With the business world fast evolving, pivoting the sales performance of an established global brand to meet the new and increasing demands of the day presents a major challenge. The structure and behaviors that had once resulted in a long history of success, eventually become threatened by shifting market forces and increased competition. So when it’s apparent that an entrenched, even antiquated sales culture must fundamentally adapt to continue to thrive — as the saying goes, old habits die hard.

This session will show how Dun & Bradstreet met this challenge and their winning strategies for successfully modernizing their sales culture. You’ll get the first-hand lessons they learned in the process — from developing a culture that champions meaningful coaching and motivation, to training those behaviors by infusing gamification tools and tactics in Salesforce with success. You can look forward to not only hearing how leading businesses are approaching the challenge of modernizing their own inside sales teams, but strategies and tactics to use in your organization as you continually pivot your sales processes to meet the ever-changing demands of modern business.

5 Mission-Critical Requirements to Establishing Value & Increasing Revenue

High-profile sales influencers Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, and Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog, (both Salesforce sales expert bloggers) will present on the five mission-critical requirements in today’s complex, commoditized world of selling, focusing on defining value that is differentiating, which allows your prospects to fully recognize the outcomes you’ll deliver, and capturing the maximum amount of revenue and profit in a overly price-sensitive economy. Join us as we’ll also open the floor for an interactive, social media-driven audience Q&A.

Fastest Path to Pipeline – Best Practices for Inside Sales Teams

Learn some inside sales best practices directly from salesforce.com’s inside sales team. Join the Salesforce team to learn best practices for on-boarding and managing your inside sales force.

7 Essential Salesforce Dashboards For Predicting and Influencing Inside Sales

Sales performance metrics can tell us more about the future than the past. So if your existing sales dashboards are mainly telling you what happened last week or last month, this session will open up an entirely new world of actionable data. Revenue.io’s CEO, Howard Brown and a panel of all-star sales leaders will show you which sales performance metrics they use to identify which reps are most efficient, which are on track to meet their goals, which reps need coaching, and more. This interactive & inspiring session will include a panel Q & A.

Featured Panelists:
Aaron Ross– Author of Predictable Revenue
John Barrows– Sales trainer to the world’s leading tech companies
Peter Gracey– Founder, Quota Factory & AG SalesWorks


What is Inside Sales, and How Are Top Inside Sales Teams Using Salesforce?

Nearly half of all sales organizations have transitioned to an inside sales model, with many more planning the switch. If you’re considering the switch to an inside sales model, or if you recently transformed your sales organization, you’ll want to hear how companies are using inside sales to achieve aggressive sales goals. Revenue.io founder Howard Brown will introduce you to sales leaders that tell you how they’ve found screaming success using Salesforce with an inside sales model.

Featured Panelists:
Elay Cohen– Founder SalesHood
Nancy Nardin– Founder, Smart Selling Tools
Jorge Soto– Founder, Sales4Startups

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