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More Mobile Searches Reveals a Need for Intelligent Inbound Sales Tools

3 min readMay 13, 2015

It finally happened! After years of speculation, Google recently announced that there are more searches on smartphones than on desktop computers in ten countries (including the US and Japan). So in case there was any doubt, the era of mobile has officially arrived. So what does this mean for your business? Thanks to Google’s click-to-call feature on mobile devices, you should expect to receive an influx of inbound calls. Best part is that it could be a lot more calls. According to BIA/Kelsey, inbound phone calls are on pace to more than double by 2018 to exceed 73 billion calls.

Beautiful business woman using her smartphone (telephone)Are you prepared to handle the incoming flood of inbound calls? Here are six ways that Revenue.io’s intelligent inbound sales tools can help you convert more inbound callers into customers:

Monitor Inbound Call Velocity

It’s vital to ensure that you have enough reps available to handle your inbound call volume. After all, the last thing you would want is for hot leads to hang up after being put on hold for too long. By measuring inbound call velocity by time of day, you can always ensure that there are enough reps on hand to handle the volume of inbound calls. Revenue.io’s call metrics will enable you to see, in real time, when calls come in, the results of those calls and how long it is taking reps to follow up with leads that go to voicemail.

Capture Every Lead

With more calls it becomes that much more important to ensure that every inbound call is being logged. But let’s face it, reps can’t be counted on to log calls in Salesforce manually. Reps are more concerned with selling than data entry. Revenue.io logs every inbound call in Salesforce automatically so reps can focus on doing what they like doing best: closing deals.

Measure How Marketing Campaigns Impact Call Revenue

It’s vital for marketers to measure marketing campigns’ ROI in real time. In order to get a full picture of ROI, this requires the ability to know which marketing campaigns are driving the most valuable calls. Our call tracking solution can also capture which campaign, ad or keyword triggered a call. Best of all, that data can then be delivered to reps in real time, giving them insight into what callers want to buy before even picking up the phone.

Route Calls to the Right Reps

With more inbound calls, it’s more vital than ever to ensure that calls are being routed to the best available reps. Revenue.io’s routing engine can route calls based on skills, time of day and other factors. Calls can even be automatically distributed to available reps to maximize rep usage. And our mission control dashboard gives managers a real-time view of reps availability.

Enable Intelligent Scripting

In football, a great playbook drives wins. Sales is no different. Having access to intelligent talking points and call scripts can help sales reps stay on message, know current promotions and identify relevant cross-selling opportunities. Revenue.io can trigger intelligent call scripts based on an inbound caller’s referral source.

Provide Social Context

Having real-time access to a caller’s social streams can be highly beneficial to sales reps. Say an inbound lead just tweeted about a pain point he’s having with his current solution, you could then adapt your sales pitch based on that information. Even if you see that a lead has just vacationed in a spot you’re familiar with, you could use this information to build rapport with the caller.

Are you prepared to handle the coming flood of inbound calls? Our Sales Acceleration Buyer’s Guide will help you identify which sales tools can best help your sales team convert more callers into customers.