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Join Us at LeadsCon for a Presentation on Intelligent Call Tracking

Revenue Blog  > Join Us at LeadsCon for a Presentation on Intelligent Call Tracking
2 min readMarch 25, 2020

LeadsCon is here, and we’re super excited to be presenting again! LeadsCon is the definitive conference for lead generation, vertical media and direct response marketing. It has brought together an international community of marketers who, like us, value marketing accountability and results-based marketing. We’re looking forward to speaking with lead generation agencies, companies and individual marketers who are interested in getting credit for 100% of their marketing efforts.

Lead Generation ConferenceThis year, we’ve joined forces with our partner Twilio to prepare a presentation that addresses one of the biggest challenges to marketers today. Even your average marketers have little trouble taking credit for online ads that convert online. But how can marketers prove the ROI of inbound calls from marketing campaigns? How can sales teams optimize inbound call conversions?

The answer is intelligent call tracking. This presentation is especially important in light of the reality that the business phone is more vital than it has ever been. Thanks to increased mobile adoption, inbound calls to businesses are on pace to more-than-double by 2016. In this competitive landscape, companies and agencies need the ability to not only draw a straight line from their efforts to inbound calls, but also draw a straight line to ROI generated from those calls. In our presentation, our CMO, William Tyree, will demonstrate how our customers are using call tracking to gain a 360-degree view of marketing ROI, and are making killer ad investments as a result.

Whether you are a call tracking novice, or have already had some success tracking calls, we’re certain that you’ll find our presentation to be valuable and informative. We’re looking forward to meeting some new people and building new relationships with forward-thinking marketers.

Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, March 25
Time: 3:40-4:20p
Room: Jamaica AB

How to Track Bears, Cabs and Leads Using the Power of Software and the Cloud

A new breed of communications is emerging – one that empowers marketers to manage campaigns better, optimize returns, and tackle the mobile world. Twilio powers leading call tracking, lead management, and mobile marketing solutions. In this session, you will learn about Twilio’s cloud communications platform and  Revenue.io’s call tracking system that helps customers discover which marketing efforts are driving most valuable sales calls.

We’ll demonstrate that with call tracking, anything can be tracked—including bears. And if wild animals can be tracked, you better believe that direct mailings and radio ads can be as well. We will also reveal call tracking best practices that can help companies ensure that no leads fall through the cracks.