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Come See Revenue CEO Howard Brown Speak at ITEXPO Vegas!

2 min readAugust 8, 2014

We’re excited to announce that our Founder and CEO Howard Brown will be participating in this year’s ITEXPO in Las Vegas. He’ll be part of an exciting panel that discusses the future of enterprise telecommunications. Along with Howard, the panel will feature Larry Lisser (Embrace) as moderator, as well as TextGen’s Thomas Howe and VSnap’s Dave McLaughlin.


The entire ITEXPO conference will be packed with exciting events, but this panel will be especially interesting to anyone who not only wants to know what’s currently possible with cutting-edge telecom technology, but where business telecom is headed in the future. If you’re going to ITEXPO this next week, be sure to attend this exciting and informative panel. If you haven’t purchased tickets to ITEXPO yet but would like to, you can register here.

Here are the session details:

The Repurposing of Telecom: Killer Tools for Acquiring, Growing & Retaining Customers

Tuesday 8/12/14

As Marketing departments take on much larger IT budgets, and as metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) take center stage on the CFO’s desk, smart executives are leveraging voice, video and messaging solutions to acquire, convert and grow customers on and offline. By integrating web, telephony and social technologies, applications like call tracking, pay-per-call, voice broadcastings, video-concierges and context-based routing are quickly becoming mainstream. This session will examine real life scenarios where calls are treated like clicks, and where voice and video-based marketing automation is deployed to make closing business by phone faster, and more cost-efficient.

Register for ITEXPO and attend this exciting panel!