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How to Leave Great Sales Voicemails Without Hurting Productivity [Video]

2 min readMay 21, 2014

Depending on your industry, each rep on your team could be spending as much as 25 hours each month just leaving voicemail messages.

Vociemail Automation for SalesforceA study by Baylor University’s Keller Center of Research shows that sales reps in the real estate industry made 209 calls per day. Out of those 209 calls, 150 were unanswered. At an average length of 30 seconds per voicemail, that adds up to 1.25 hours a day and 25 hours in a month just leaving voicemails. At that rate, a sales team comprised of 10 reps would be spending 250 hours a month on voicemails. Talk about a productivity killer!

Should Reps Leave Voicemails at All?

I’ve heard many sales reps ask whether it’s even worth it to leave sales voicemails. Due to the sheer amount of time it takes to leave voicemail messages (and the frequent lack of call-backs), reps often wonder if their time would be better spent dialing more leads rather than leaving voicemail messages.

It’s a valid concern. But consider that when a potential customer listens to voicemail message it can really put a human face on your company. The best voicemails can frame reps (and your company by proxy)  as intelligent, professional and friendly. Also consider that voicemails can work wonders when combined with a follow-up email, offering prospects the opportunity to either call back or respond by email. For these reasons we think that voicemails should still be a vital component of any sales communication strategy.

How to Leave Voicemails Without Hurting Productivity

We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a way to enable our customers to leave perfectly recorded voicemail messages without hindering sales productivity. We’ve added a voicemail automation feature to our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce that enables reps to leave perfect voicemails with just one click. Reps simply record voicemail greetings in advance. Then, the moment a call goes to voicemail, reps can select the perfect voicemail greeting from a list of prerecorded greetings.

One click leaves the voicemail message and then reps can move onto the next call. The result is that your sales team can gain the advantages of leaving voicemail messages without losing valuable sales time.

Check out our latest video to see our voicemail automation tool in action.

Contact us today to learn more about how voicemail automation can give your sales reps back valuable sales time.