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How to Accelerate Sales Revenue By Improving Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Revenue Blog  > How to Accelerate Sales Revenue By Improving Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]
2 min readJanuary 22, 2020

Visual search and knowledge platform Docurated has released a new infographic detailing the state of sales productivity for 2015. The infographic, which stems from the visual search and knowledge platform’s survey of 127 sales and marketing executives, highlights the importance of improving sales productivity. We also think it reveals some powerful opportunities for sales teams to drive more revenue this year.

Check out our take just below the infographic.


Here are our top takeaways  from the infographic:

Companies are Raising Revenue Targets

Most salespeople are asking themselves a crucial question: how can I sell more this year than last? Because if your organization is like most, you’ve set higher revenue targets for 2015. In fact, 80% of companies have raised their revenue targets. And a full 17% of companies have raised their revenue targets by 40% or higher! But investing in tools that improve sales productivity might just be the key to crushing those ever-expanding revenue quotas.

Improving Productivity is Top Driver of Hitting New Revenue Targets

79% of companies surveyed believe that improving productivity of existing reps is a top driver of hitting higher revenue targets. Accelerating productivity greatly exceeds other drivers including expanding headcount (62%) and expanding geographical territory (12%). For reps to realize the productivity gains necessary to hit these expanding revenue targets, it’s going to require investing in tools that can accelerate reps’ productivity. Utilizing CRM tools like Salesforce did a lot for improving sales productivity. And while CRMs are still a vital to inside sales success, to be truly competitive, sales organizations are now need additional tools to accelerate sales productivity.

Organizations Need Advanced Tools to Measure Productivity Gains

Docurated’s infographic shows that while the typical sales organization spends 24K per employee on improving productivity, almost 50% of companies have zero or limited means to measure productivity gains. Here at Revenue.io, we know that our tools can help reps spend more time selling and connect with more prospects every day. But we also wanted to make it easy for our customers to see those productivity gains as well. That’s why our Salesforce reporting package that empowers you to see, in real-time Salesforce dashboards, just how much more productive Revenue.io makes your team.

Marketers Can Do More to Improve Sales Productivity

Docurated’s inforgraphic should serve as a powerful wake-up call to marketers, demonstrating that they can likely do more to accelerate sales revenue. At 52% of companies surveyed, Marketing can influence sales productivity. This makes sense since marketers often own the tools that can accelerate inbound sales productivity (IVR, intelligent call routing, CTI, etc.) Marketing can further accelerate sales by providing reps with content and data from CRMs and marketing automation platforms to help reps close deals faster. Yet, as the infographic reveals, only 4% of  marketing budgets are explicitly allocated to sales productivity. Obviously, there are enormous opportunities going forward.

Interested in improving sales productivity at your organization? Contact us today. We’d love to chat about some ways that we can help your sales team crush your revenue goals this year!