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HG Insights and Revenue Webinar: 4x Your Sales Opportunities

2 min readDecember 18, 2020

Revenue.io CMO William Tyree recently joined Derrick Williams, the Director of Sales and Sales Development for HG Insights to discuss how any sales team and quadruple their sales opportunities with the right sales intelligence.

On the webinar, William shared findings from Revenue.io’s 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance report, in which we analyzed over 130 million sales calls. In the webinar, Derrick and William highlighted three ways you can 4x your sales teams’ opprunities. They are:

Prioritize your prospects

Citing data from the Sales Prospecting Performance report, the two panelists covered why between 10 and 11:30 AM is the best time to call your prospects, and how you should prioritize your leads so you can connect with your most important prospects. But how do you know which ones to call? Accurate sales intelligence aligned with the right buyer personas is key.

Ensure SDR efficiency

On average, SDRs spend 66 percent of their time each week on activities not related to selling. Optimize your sales reps’ time with tools like automated data capture and streamlined workflows so they can spend more time selling. This directly correlates to higher revenue.

Increase prospect engagement

Your sales reps need to be engaging, effective conversationalists to properly capture and capitalize on sales opportunities. First, use sales intelligence tools to provide them with the right information so they can properly address the needs and problems their prospects are facing. Second, you must coach each and every rep to be an effective communicator so they can properly convey the information gained from the sales intelligence data. Tools that can coach at scale are crucial to properly coach a sales team.

To watch the entire webinar, go here.