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Has Losing Become a Habit?

2 min readOctober 26, 2021

Has losing become a habit?

We all know how hard it is to change a bad habit.

So, let me ask you this: has losing become a habit for you?

It’s easy to determine if that’s the case.

What’s your win rate? What percent of the qualified opportunities in your pipeline do you win?

Let’s say your win rate is 25%. This means that you’re winning just one out of every four of your most qualified opportunities .

In other words, you’re not winning the majority of the deals you’re working on.

If this is you, what’s the single sales behavior you’re practicing the most?


If you’re winning only 25% of your most qualified opportunities on a consistent basis it only follows that you’re going to become pretty skilled at doing that.

After all, practice makes perfect.

Losing becomes a habit when you aren’t developing prospects that truly fit your target. When you’re not really connecting and building trust with the buyer. When you’re not conducting effective discovery. When you’re not precise in how you qualify (and disqualify) buyers. When you lack the business acumen to add value to the buyer in their buying process.

You’re enabling this to happen because you don’t hate losing enough.

If you really hated losing you’d work on perfecting the human sales skills that enable you to authentically connect and engage with buyers.

If you hated losing you’d invest in learning how to effectively conduct discovery that reveals the most pressing challenges the buyer has and the important outcomes they truly want to achieve.

If you hated losing you’d stop falling in love with a buyer just because s/he will talk to you. And you’d learn how to determine if they were qualified to buy exactly what you’re selling.

If you hated losing enough this is the mentality that would be driving you at every stage of your sales career.

What drives you?

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