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It Takes a Little Bit of Everything to Win

1 min readOctober 19, 2021

Do you understand what it takes to win a sale?

Many sellers place a lot of blind faith in their sales process.

They think that if they just follow the blueprint they’ve been given, they’ll be safe.

Here’s the problem: “Safe” doesn’t win deals.

Process doesn’t win deals. People do.

There’s never just one factor that dictates your success in sales.

It’s a little bit of everything.

It’s the human connections you make.

It’s your humility.

It’s your curiosity.

It’s the value of every interaction with your buyer.

It’s your preparation and your knowledge.

It’s the extra questions that you ask.

It’s the level of trust you build.

It’s the depth of your discovery.

It’s how you listen. And the answers that you hear.

It’s how you mitigate the buyer’s risk.

It’s your follow-up questions.

It’s the gaps that you uncover.

It’s the tradeoffs that you broker.

It’s the objections you anticipate.

It’s the vision of success you paint.

It’s your timing.

It’s your responsiveness.

It’s your acumen and insights.

You need a little bit of everything to win.

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