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Expert Inside Sales Metric: Win Rate

1 min readFebruary 1, 2017

For our latest eBook, we asked sales leaders to reveal a must-track metric that is essential for optimizing sales success. The following is a guest post by Mike Schultz, Co-President of RAIN Group.

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research surveyed 472 sellers and sales executives representing companies with salesforces ranging in size from 10 sellers to 5,000+. Among other things, we wanted to know: what is the average sales win rate, and how do win rates vary based on overall performance?

Across all respondents, the average win rate is 47%.

Win/Loss Rates Across All Respondents

win rate 3

We broke respondents down into 3 groups based on their sales results: Elite Performers (representing the top 7% of respondents), Top Performers (representing the top 20%), and The Rest (representing the remaining 80%). When we look at win rate by each performance group, the differences are surprisingly large.

Top Performance and Win Rate

win rate 2

Let’s now assume a company has the following:

  • # of sellers: 200
  • # of proposals/year/seller: 25
  • Average size of sale: $150,000

Look at the difference in revenue by win rate comparing the win rate of The Rest (40%) with Top Performers (62%):

The Win Rate Difference

win rate 1

At a win rate of 40%, this organization’s annual revenue is $300 million. At 62%, it’s $465 million.

That’s 55% growth for the whole company without adding any sales headcount—just by increasing the win rate.

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