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Dreamforce Keynote Reveals How Cloud Computing Can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

3 min readNovember 20, 2013

Here at Revenue.io, we are used to helping businesses solve complex problems. We love working with our healthcare customers because our solutions help patients with often life-threatening needs to connect with the right healthcare specialists at the right time. At Dreamforce, our CEO, Howard Brown, gave a presentation on how how we helped a behavioral healthcare customer use integrated call tracking to not only provide new patients with better service, but also increase advertising ROI.

Salesforce Keynote 2013 Marc Benioff ToothbrushAfter watching Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote address, we were excited to see that he is also hyper-focused on ways that cloud computing (and Salesforce in particular) can revolutionize the healthcare industry. About an hour into his keynote address, he did something quite unexpected: he pulled out his toothbrush. “Those of you who know me know that I love brushing my teeth. I always carry my toothbrush.” While oral hygiene isn’t high on the list of subjects you’d expect the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation to address in a keynote, his point soon became clear.  He explained that his Phillips Sonicare toothbrush was, in fact, a smart toothbrush that could track his usage patterns and provide a dentist with real-time insight into how often Benioff brushes his teeth and how well he’s brushing.

“It’s a whole new world with my dentist,” Benioff said. But his point is that it is a whole new world of computing in general. For the first time, sales, marketing, customer service, devices can all be linked to each other as well as to customers via the cloud. And customer experience, Benioff argued, must become to cornerstone of every effort. With everything becoming increasingly connected, the so-called “internet of things” must evolve into the “internet of customers.” Those businesses that are most adept at making customer data actionable are poised for success. “You need to get to the future ahead of your customers and be ready to greet them when they arrive,” said Benioff. Truer words have seldom been spoken.

Though all industries must adapt to this new reality, new generations of workflow are absolutely vital to the healthcare industry, where people’s lives are at stake each day. Benioff demonstrated that Phillips not only connects their toothbrushes to the cloud, but also medical equipment like x-ray machines. This enables their customer service team to work with hospitals more efficiently in the event of a problem. And the device cloud is only the beginning. Businesses will increasingly leverage customer data and metadata to not only make better decisions, but make them faster.

We’re proud that multiple healthcare companies are using Revenue.io to power more successful customer engagements. In our session on integrated call tracking, our CEO Howard Brown demonstrated how Revenue.io has helped a behavioral healthcare customer pivot marketing messages in real time to invest more advertisements that have been proven to attract new patients. Howard also showed how Revenue.io can automatically route customers to the right agents at the right time based on metadata. Agents then leverage our apps to have smarter conversations based on data from Google AdWords, Salesforce.com social media and other rich sources of contextual data.