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Introducing Revenue’s Powerful New Call Performance Coaching Features

2 min readSeptember 15, 2015

As our customers already know, Revenue.io wasn’t just built for inside sales reps. Features like call recordings and our predictive call analytics give managers the insight they need to coach reps more successfully. But we’ve recently added some additional goodies that give our customers even more power to coach reps in real time.

inside sales call monitoringHere’s a breakdown of the latest call performance coaching features we’ve added to our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce:

Live Call Monitoring

Managers can now listen to sales calls that are in progress. This can help them hear what reps are doing right, as well as identify key areas for improvement. This is a really important feature since, according to data from The Bridge Group, the average ramp time for sales reps jumped from 4.2 months (2010) to 5.3 months (2015).

Call Barging

Sometimes reps, especially newly hired ones, can use a little extra help. We’ve given managers the power to join calls at will in case reps need help pushing deals over the goal line. This feature, known as call barging, enables reps to hit the ground running faster, while maintaining a safety net.

Instant Feedback

Another new feature that our customers have been loving is the ability to provide reps with instant feedback. Managers can quickly give reps notes that are instantly appended to the call’s record in Salesforce. This can help managers provide reps with feedback when it’s freshest: during the live call.

To see these features in action, check out our Intelligent Dialer Video or request a demo