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This is the Best Sales Email I Ever Received

3 min readAugust 18, 2016

For our recent eBook on sales personalization, we asked some sales leaders if they would share the best sales email they ever received. Ambition‘s Director of Marketing, Jeremy Boudinet, shared the following example of a thoughtful and personalized sales email and offered some words on what made it stand out.

Subject: Ambition Software Referrals

Hey Jeremy,

Love what you guys are doing at Ambition. I actually tweeted about your sales job posting, it was the best I’ve seen to date haha.

I know you guys are well on your way to building a massive company but I wanted to share an experience I had as a sales manager for a SaaS company and how even with double digit growth MoM we were still leaving money on the table.

Like any other SaaS company we had a free trial option and had been collecting email addresses for quite some time. We were lucky enough to have good SEO and some decent exposure so there was a steady stream of inbound. I’m assuming you guys have a similar situation with the publicity from  etc.

Anyway, we had thousands of people sitting there as expired trials. It was common practice to hit those guys up with emails of product updates but after enough conversations I realized that a lot of the people in that category just weren’t the right fit for our product. So rather than try and optimize for trial reactivations I looked through all their social graphs and tried to optimize for referrals. (Typically business owners are influential over other business owners).

It seems like you guys are all hustlers over there so this might be something you’re already doing but incase you haven’t I did a quick example of what it might look like for you.

Do you know ? She’s a client of yours and a rockstar online. I mean if you aren’t constantly promoting her stuff you should be, she seems to be going places. Maybe more importantly she’s well connected with a guy named . He happens to be CEO of an IT company called . So in this case it wasn’t an expired trial but looking inside a user’s influencer network can still reveal some potential leads.

Like I mentioned that’s just one example and I’ve used this influencer data in a few other ways that had a noticeable impact to our trial/paid conversion rate. Happy to share more if you’re interested.



Ambition Director of Marketing Jeremy Boudinet

Re-reading it now, I’m still blown away. He nailed the entire thing. Every single line. Of course I called him immediately, if for no other reason than because I had to find out who he was.

Even though I wasn’t in the market for influencer data—only thing he whiffed on with us was marketing budget size—I entered the conversation ready to introduce him to 4-5 other SaaS marketers who I knew placed a heavy influence on referral marketing.

So what if he didn’t get the deal – he just got gift-wrapped five new prospects that fit his ideal customer profile to a tee. And rather than making contact by cold outreach, he got a warm intro.

What was his methodology? He spent, on average, 45 minutes on every single cold email he wrote. Writing it wasn’t what took so long – he had a template. Instead, he dedicated almost all his prospecting time to research.

So, if you’re a sales manager whose product or service necessitates a consultative, longer and more complex sales process, you’d be wise to allot research time into your daily activity quotas. Reps who do even 5 minutes of research place themselves at such an advantage over those who go in blind.

For more examples of successful sales emails, check out our free eBook on sales personalization!