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Artificial Intelligence: A threat to jobs?

Revenue Blog  > Artificial Intelligence: A threat to jobs?
1 min readJanuary 14, 2020

It is a common fear that artificial intelligence will take over human jobs, reduce the number of jobs available to humans, and ultimately negatively impact the labor market.

Today, BNN Bloomberg turned to Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown for his take on the impact of AI. Howard shares that artificial intelligence will not steal jobs from humans, it will actually make us better at them.

“We see artificial intelligence as helping transition workers from more mundane tasks to ones where they can actually use their human experience to deliver better results and better experiences for the customers that they speak to,” says Howard. They go on to discuss how to empower workers to provide superior customer experiences which will future-proof them for a world in which AI is prevalent.

Howard also discusses possible regulations with AI, and how lawmakers can avoid pitfalls that could hurt the potential that it has to increase performance.

See the full interview here: