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5 ways AI for sales is revolutionizing customer experiences

4 min readOctober 10, 2019

Artificial intelligence has already permeated our lives as consumers. The transformation was discreet, but it has made things better in every way. The last time you used Netflix, an AI helped you decide what to watch, when you shopped on Amazon, an artificial intelligence influenced what you purchased, and when you ordered that Uber, an AI helped find the best driver for you.

In all of these instances, artificial intelligence improved the way in which you interacted with the product or service. Ultimately, the positive interaction that was generated when you found the perfect show to binge-watch, toaster to purchase, or got a ride, was due to an AI that optimized your experience.

As more and more companies are using AI to improve and optimize their businesses, the same now applies to our professional lives. In fact, since artificial intelligence can now be used to analyze and enhance sales interactions, our experience a prospect or customer has been changed forever.

Sales AI makes conversations more engaging

Artificial intelligence relies on text transcripts in order to analyze sales conversations, therefore it eliminates the need for a sales rep to take notes. This means that sales reps will no longer be just partially engaged in the conversation as they won’t be concerned with what they are writing down. Since sales reps are free to devote the entirety of their attention to the conversation, they are more engaged, helpful and conversational.

This makes for a far more positive experience as a customer or prospect, as you feel more connected with the sales rep, have a more engaging conversation, and end with a more pleasant feeling.

AI for sales ensures that conversations are worthwhile

Conversation AI platforms identify keyword and topics from previous conversations and can even be used in conjunction with email follow-up and SMS communications. With AI, sales reps are empowered to recognize topics that have previously been discussed, questions that have already been answered, and requirements that have been met.

As a customer, you will no longer experience repeated questions, you won’t have to re-explain the same issues, and your sales rep will be able to pick up right where you left off. No more wasted phone calls, or time spent getting re-acquainted. It also means that if you are transferred between reps, or are moved from the sales side to the success team, your new rep will have a complete understanding of all your prior conversations.

Sales AI makes conversations more valuable

Sales teams have always monitored their reps calls, but haven’t always been successful at it. In the past, managers would have to block out time to listen in to live calls their reps were placing. This was not effective because the chance of catching a truly coachable moment on a call was slim to none. Then, sales teams recorded phone conversations. This still required that managers sat and reviewed calls, which they simply do not have time for. Fortunately, artificial intelligence solves all of these problems.

ConversationAI* constantly processes sales conversations and can alert managers when a specific call requires their attention (either good or bad). This means that sales managers can actually coach their team to make better calls at scale.

The result is that as a consumer, your sales rep is going to be far better on the phone, and more skilled in providing you with the information you need to solve a problem or make a decision.

AI for sales makes sales reps more conversational

AI can monitor the actual conversational quality of a call. This means it can determine when a sales rep interrupts you, talks over you, talks too much, too little, or gets long-winded. All of this data is readily available and easily interpreted, which means both an individual rep and their manager can quickly determine if a specific change needs to be made to their speaking patterns.

This means that you will no longer be interrupted, spoken over, or have a conversation dominated by a rep. You will be able to speak your piece, share your concerns, and be allowed to express your ideas while they actively listen and engage with you.

Sales AI makes conversations more relevant

One of the most powerful benefits of artificial intelligence in sales is that it can pull in contextual data from prior engagements. This data includes SMS, email, video conferences, and phone conversations, as well as content you have engaged with, webpages you have viewed, and products you may have trialed.

This all allows a sales rep to tailor the conversation to fit your exact situation, and eliminates discussion about products that you don’t need or things you might not be experiencing. As a customer, this ensures that when you pick up the phone, you will have a relevant, engaging conversation that directly addresses your needs and experience.

*conversationAI US Patent 10,440,181.