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Our 2016 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics is Here!

2 min readJanuary 12, 2016

If you think CAC is a weird sound your feline makes when choking on a hairball, you might want to check out our new 2016 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics (On the other hand, if you can already calculate CAC/LTV in your sleep, but you want to teach your fellow sales managers how to do it, download this eBook for their sake – they’ll be eternally grateful).

3d-cover-complete-guide-to-analytics-2016-smWhether you’re an aspiring sales manager looking to earn your stripes, or you’re an old hand, there’s always something to measure and improve upon. That’s why you’ll want to discover dozens of powerful metrics and formulas used by top sales teams at Box, The Bridge Group, Revenue.io and elsewhere, covering the following broad categories:

  • Outbound Prospecting
  • Inbound Lead Response
  • Working Opportunities
  • Closing Deals
  • Predicting Success
  • Measuring Revenue
  • Customer Retention

This go-to analytics guide is the product of countless conversations with customers, partners, executives and top sales coaches. And you know what amazes me? The passion your peers show about this subject. That’s because when it comes to improving individual or team sales performance, analytics are the closest thing you’ll get to a crystal ball.

Over half a century ago, famed management consultant Peter Drucker was quoted as stating, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Since Drucker’s time, this maxim has proven to be prophetic. Never has there been more business data to analyze. After all, when has there been greater opportunities to transform raw data into actionable intelligence?

By achieving real-time insight into reps’ activities, efficiency, pipeline and ROI, sales leaders can predict whether reps are on pace to meet goals and make necessary course corrections before vital revenue gets lost. We’ve quickly defined each metric including the important question it will answer. We’ve also briefly analyzed how each metric can add value to your sales organization.

Ready to improve your team? Get it now.