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20 Great Salesforce Guides for Sales and Marketing [eBOOK]

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2 min readJanuary 28, 2020

Salesforce can work magic for improving Sales and Marketing ROI. But only when it’s correctly implemented and tailor fit to your business.

One of my favorite things about Salesforce is how flexible it is. Not only are their myriad customization options within the platform itself, but Salesforce also supports a vast ecosystem of apps that can help you personalize the CRM to support your business drivers.  But the sheer volume of customization options can be overwhelming. Taking full advantage of Salesforce often requires careful planning and correct implementation.

As Salesforce users, our team is always on the lookout for resources that can help us better leverage Salesforce to increase sales and marketing ROI. But the fact is that some of the eBooks, guides and blog posts we’ve encountered have been a lot more helpful than others. So we partnered with RingLead to find you the best resources available. The result is our latest eBook 20 Great Salesforce Guides for Sales and Marketing.

This expertly curated list of guides can help any sales or marketing team optimize Salesforce to maximize ROI. In this guide-to-the-guides, we not only bring together the world’s best thought leadership on Salesforce, we also explain the value of each resource. You can then spend your time perusing the guides that can best support your goals.

By reading these helpful guides, you’ll learn how to:

  • Predict and measure sales and marketing success
  • Accelerate your sales team’s productivity
  • Master setup and implementation
  • Tailor-fit Salesforce to meet your company’s needs
  • Improve security and stability

Some guides provide quick hacks that can offer immediate value while others reveal in-depth implementation secrets from some of the world’s top expert. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish with Salesforce, we feel like these guides can help you meet and exceed your goals.

Download your 20 Great Salesforce Guides for Sales and Marketing eBook for free.