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12 Actionable Stats About Outbound B2B Sales Prospecting

Revenue Blog  > 12 Actionable Stats About Outbound B2B Sales Prospecting
2 min readDecember 17, 2020

We recently hosted an incredible webinar on outbound sales prospecting that casted light on just how important sales prospecting is to maintaining a healthy B2B sales pipeline (highly recommended for anyone looking to up their game, and available on demand here). Here are some awesome stats that we uncovered in our webinar that show exactly how much room there is to grow sales ROI by implementing the right B2B prospecting strategies, tactics and tools.

Marketing Leads Stats

1. Purchased lists of B2B sales leads average only 75% accuracy (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar) <<Tweet this stat!

2. 98% of marketing-qualified B2B leads will never result in any closed business (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!

Prospecting Key Performance Indicators

3. 12% of total activities should result in real conversations (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!

4. 7-9% of conversations that get qualified and passed to sales (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!

5. 80% of leads sent to sales should result in sales pipeline documented in your CRM (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!



Outbound Calling Windows

6. The best times to dial B2B leads are: Wed-Thurs. 8-9am, 4-6 pm (Source: MIT<<Tweet this stat!

7. The worst times to dial B2B leads are Monday 6am-noon, Friday afternoons (Source: MIT<<Tweet this stat!

Local Presence

8. Leads are 58% more likely to answer calls from numbers with local area codes (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!

Sales Voicemailswebinar_snip_3

9. Sales voicemails should ideally be under 30 seconds (Source: How to Maximize Response Rates from Sales Voicemails<<Tweet this stat!

Follow Up

10. The average sales development rep (SDR) only makes 4 calls when 12 are needed (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!

11. Only 28% of salespeople surveyed follow up with B2B leads 7 times or more (Source: Revenue.io B2B Prospecting Survey) <<Tweet this stat!

12. Only 10% of sales managers track lead follow-up rate (Source: Revenue.io B2B Prospecting Survey) <<Tweet this stat!

If these stats wet your appetite for learning more about outbound sales prospecting, be sure to check out our free webinar Power Prospecting: How to Fill Your Funnel with High Quality B2B Sales Leads and Opportunities. Watch it on demand now!