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Maximize Your Revenue With These Best-In-Class Sequences

We're giving away the proven Guided Selling sequences that we use at Revenue.io to engage more buyers and close more deals.

Gartner predicts that 75% of B2B sales organizations will augment traditional sales playbooks with AI-powered guided selling solutions by 2025.

Because these solutions minimize the guesswork of sales, you can execute the perfect playbook every time. ...But what does a perfect playbook look like?

Using the best practices we've gained from helping hundreds of customers find success with Guided Selling, our best-in-class sequencing tool, we've put together a list of the greatest hits to help you reach your revenue goals.

In this eBook, you'll find:

  • 5 tried and tested sequences that we use at Revenue.io

  • Clear criteria for who should be put into each sequence to increase your chances of success

  • Handy timelines with details on exactly when to reach out

  • The best communication channels to use for each step, and more!