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Tools That Actually Help Reps Sell w/ Adam Honig [Episode 634]

Adam Honig, Co-founder & CEO at Spiro Technologies, joins me for the second time on this episode.


  • Adam says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is staying focused on the most productive task among the number of concurrent activities demanding attention. Adam suggests a behavior that helps.
  • We need technology to tame and organize the influx of signals. Spiro uses technology to show what is most important and urgent and where action is needed.
  • Spiro started as a personal, individual sales assistant. Customers asked for a full CRM. Spiro is suitable for mid-sized teams. It is not disruptive to sales activity.
  • There is a lot of opportunity in CRM and a lot of room for innovation.
  • Adam’s ideal is that sales reps would sell and Spiro would do everything else that’s required, capturing and serving up information as it is needed throughout the day. It reacts with AI to your emails by creating contact records.
  • Spiro uses AI to understand your IMAP email messages. It is available in English and French versions. Spiro updates contacts and forecasts without intervention. Spiro is mobile and online, with built-in VOIP.
  • Adam envisions Spiro getting to be a platform that will make suggestions to a rep, based on where the rep is spending their time and where the prospect is. Adam wants to see Spiro chatting and setting appointments.
  • How do you decide in real time which prospects you should follow up with, first? Spiro understands the rep’s data to help them make better decisions. Spiro encourages the rep to play to their strengths.
  • As a rep acts on or disregards Spiro’s recommendations, Spiro learns more about the rep’s preferences. Andy and Adam discuss the problems with real-time advice from AI. The technology and algorithms are not yet competent.
  • Spiro purposefully limits distracting data to encourage ‘focus.’ This is a different experience from using Salesforce.