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How to get a WIN on every prospecting call w/ Art Sobczak [Episode 187]

In today’s episode, Art and I talk about cold calling and what every seller can do to master it.

Art Sobczak is the founder of Business by Phone Inc. and bestselling author of Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • How to close deals by making fewer, yet more informed calls.
  • How to get a WIN on every call.
  • How to leave a proper voicemail for your prospect.
  • How to use a sales script more efficiently.


What’s your most powerful sales asset?

I am inquisitive.

Who is your sales role model?

I don’t have just one sales role model, I have a combination of many.

What’s one book that every salesperson should read?

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.

What music is on your playlist?

I like Classic Rock: Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, and Led Zeppelin. However, if I want to listen to lyrics, I listen to Country.

What’s the first sales activity you do every day?

I get online and check my email. I never go a day without staying up to date with the most recent sales material.