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GEAR Up Your Mindset w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 641]

Bridget Gleason is VP of Sales for Logz.io and my regular partner on Front Line Fridays.


  • Moods are contagious. Bridget and Andy are fantastic! Bridget is very thankful she wakes up happy, goes to bed happy, and that happiness is her internal constitution — drug-free. Andy says the Old Fashioned is his ‘drug.’
  • Andy talks about mindset. He has given several recent talks on mindset. His new phrase for a Sales Mindset is “GEAR up your mindset,” with the acronym GEAR: Giving, Entrepreneurial, Adaptable, and Reinvention.
  • You have to Give to get. If you just give, you will eventually get. Read The Go-Giver, by Bob Berg.
  • An Entrepreneurial mindset means treating your set of accounts as your company, with you as the CEO. Run it with a plan. Andy was trained to behave that way and he continues. Bridget learned the same principle coming up.
  • Entrepreneurs disrupt the status quo. Top producers all break the rules. Entrepreneurs change perceptions. Tailor your methodologies to fit your strengths.
  • An Adaptable mindset is needed because nothing is ever as you think it will be. All your prospects that appear to be ICPs are just not. Everyone is unique. Companies are unique. Sales situations are unique.
  • Being adaptable is critical at startups while the company figures things out. Nothing yet is set in stone, not just in the sales cycle but in the company, as a whole. Read the situation and make decisions that apply.
  • Reinvention is one of the most important of the four. Everything changes. Are you changing with it? ‘Job One’ for a salesperson is to change with the market. Stay relevant. Be ahead of the curve. Learn continuously.
  • Consider learning like your 401k. What percent of your resources (your off-work time) are you investing in your development? Develop curiosity and be interested.
  • As you set aside money for your retirement, set aside time to plan for your career development. It’s never too late to start your 401k investment. It’s never too late to set aside time to be a continuous learner.
  • Andy refers you to his podcast episode ”636: What is your Money Mindset?” with Bill Carmody. Build some wealth and have some financial freedom.