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Reduce Sales Onboarding Time with Guided Selling

Instantly Transform New Reps into Sales Experts

Real-time sales guidance puts every new rep on the shortest path to revenue

Radically Reduce Sales Training and Ramp Time

You don’t have months to wait for your reps to ramp to full productivity. By delivering prescribed next best actions, Guided Selling by Revenue.io ensures that reps know exactly who to reach out to and how to reach out, whether by call, email or text.

Provide reps with contextual, effective messaging that your top reps are already using to move deals forward. As a result, entire teams will become revenue-driving engines right out of the gate.

Guide New Reps with Expertise Informed by Billions of Sales Interactions

Since 2012, the Revenue.io AI-powered sales engagement capabilities have facilitated billions of sales interactions, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what works.

Guided Selling has baked the sales expertise of top performers into sales cadence templates that new reps can start using immediately to perform like the best of the best.

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Revenue

According to our latest research, driving revenue efficiency across sales teams is the number one concern of sales leaders. Guided Selling makes even inexperienced reps as efficient as possible by replacing guesswork with prescribed actions.

With Guided Selling, your reps will start their day from a sales cockpit complete with a prioritized list of sales actions. And as prospects fill out forms, respond to emails, or demonstrate other signals of sales readiness, Guided Selling shifts reps’ priorities in real time.

Take the Pain Out of Onboarding Remote Reps

Even when on-premises sales training isn’t an option, Guided Selling makes onboarding new reps a breeze. Guided Selling reduces the need for training, replacing it with a real-time guide that recommends the next best thing that reps should do, no matter where they’re working from.

Since Guided Selling is 100% in Salesforce, vital sales data is accessible in real-time Salesforce dashboards. It’s never been easier to see whether new reps are on pace to hit their goals.