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Gong and Chorus are conversation intelligence tools. Revenue.io is a complete revenue intelligence platform.

See why top companies are moving to Revenue.io to hit quota consistently, onboard reps faster and scale sales success.

Gong Vs. Chorus Vs. Revenue.io

Why Switch from Gong or Chorus to Revenue.io?

Real-time conversation guidance during live calls and video meetings

Revenue.io equips reps with the right information in critical sales moments during live calls, including Microsoft Teams Meetings and Zoom Video Calls.

Automatic data capture and analysis in Salesforce

Revenue.io ensures comprehensive data capture in Salesforce, then transforms the data into actionable insights to drive predictable growth.

Intelligent opportunity analytics that drive the right engagement

Revenue.io reveals which deals can be won today and tomorrow, enabling reps to focus on the most winnable opportunities.

Can Gong Provide Guidance Across Every Buying Stage Like Revenue.io?

Revenue.io delivers revenue intelligence and next best actions that keep deals on track based on what is said and not said during conversations, engagement history, historical benchmarks and more - all in real time.

See how Revenue.io helped OrthoFX boost productivity by 60%

Can Chorus Reinforce Training During Live Calls Like Revenue.io?

As the conversation intelligence leader in the Forrester Wave, Revenue.io reinforces training by presenting reps with contextual information right when they need it. Patented technology by Revenue.io results in more effective objection handling, faster ramp times and improved product knowledge for reps.

See how ChowNow cut their ramp time in half with Revenue.io

Can Gong Provide Real-Time Conversation Guidance on Microsoft Teams Meetings?

Revenue.io is the only solution that ensures reps say the right things during critical sales moments in Microsoft Teams Meetings. Automated reminders help reps improve objection handling, nail qualification questions, state next steps, boost voice energy and more.

Sell more with real-time guidance in Microsoft Teams Meetings

"Revenue.io was our best sales productivity investment this year."
Scott Clugston is theDirector of Sales, Freshbooks

Do Customers Like Chorus as much as Revenue.io?

Revenue.io has an average of 4.7 / 5 customer score on G2, and a 5.0/5 on the Salesforce AppExchange. Chorus has a 4.5 / 5 customer score on G2. Chorus is not listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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