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Microsoft Teams for Sales Microsoft Teams for Sales

Sell More With Real-Time Sales Guidance in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Ensure reps say the right things in video meetings and automate sales coaching with the #1 conversation intelligence solution in the Forrester Wave.

Forrester Named Revenue.io as the Leader in Conversation Intelligence

Improve Quota Attainment, Get More Revenue From Every Rep and Scale Coaching with Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

Here are five problems we get asked about all the time. Do they sound familiar?

My Reps Blow Critical Sales Meetings

Sellers need to ace every video meeting. Revenue.io is there during video meetings to ensure that reps say and do the right things in critical sales moments.

I Need More Revenue From Every Seller

Many companies have slowed hiring, and all need to get more revenue per rep. Revenue.io helps ensure that every video demo and call is a great customer experience.

67% of My Reps Don’t Make Quota

Real-time conversation guidance helps reps exceed quota by aligning with buyers in the critical sales moments that matter.

My Reps Take Too Long to Ramp

Bring reps to full productivity in just 2.4 months (vs 9 months) with real-time guidance and conversational AI, creating $300,000 more in revenue per rep.

I Can't Scale Sales Coaching

You can't be on every call, but we can. We automatically surface the habits of top performers, then prescribe and measure improvements across your team.

Ace Critical Sales Moments During Video Meetings

Sellers have limited time with buyers, and all too often, they blow critical moments in video meetings that make the difference between winning and losing. Microsoft Teams for Sales is there to ensure that reps say and do the right things during critical sales moments.

Exceed Quota With The #1-Rated Conversation Intelligence Solution

Automatically surface areas for rep improvement during product demos and video meetings. Guide reps in critical moments with automated reminders that help improve objection handling, nail qualification questions, state next steps, boost voice energy and more.

Cut New Rep Ramp Time From Months to Weeks

Provide new reps with a library of your best Microsoft Teams calls for smoother onboarding and continuous training reinforcement. Harness the power of AI to glean insights from your top performers and pass along that knowledge to your newest reps.

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Auto-Capture Video Meetings for Coaching and Analysis

Automatically record, transcribe and analyze every Microsoft Teams video call directly in Conversation AI by Revenue.io. Video calls are auto-logged in Salesforce and saved in conversation intelligence libraries for training, meeting prep, AI-powered analysis and coaching.

Discover the Impact of Coaching with Sales Leaderboards

Leaderboards help teams understand the impact of coaching and other behaviors on revenue. Gain the insights you need to understand which reps are benefitting from coaching, which reps aren’t, and how various behaviors impact pipeline and win rates.

Scale Success With Real-Time Coaching

Revenue.io gives reps real-time coaching on Teams calls during the moments when they need it most. Conversation intelligence by Revenue.io notifies managers about specific moments in calls that are worthy of attention, enabling proactive, data-driven coaching.

Increase Coaching Productivity Without Adding Headcount

Effortlessly scale management time and measure the impact of coaching on outcomes. Revenue.io leaderboards measure specific coaching categories and correlate them to the impact on seller opportunities and revenue.

"Conversation AI has given us the ability to coach new hires with the best practices of our top producers. We’ve seen a big decrease in ramp time as a result."
Nick Rossi is theHead of Sales and Marketing, Kelly Benefits
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"It would’ve taken 90 days for our sales team to audit calls on their own. With Conversation AI, it only took us a day to get the data we needed."
Christopher Casa is theSenior Manager of Sales Enablement, Equity Trust
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"Conversation AI helps me do my job significantly better. It gives me insight into specific areas that I can coach to within their sales process that I might not otherwise have had access to."
Kyle McRae is theSales Manager, NFI Industries
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