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3 Ways You Can Turn Every Rep Into A Sales Superhero

Revenue Blog  > 3 Ways You Can Turn Every Rep Into A Sales Superhero
4 min readMarch 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered why some of your reps consistently outperform their peers, while others struggle to hit their quotas regularly? It’s the classic bell-curve problem, where 10-20% of sales reps simply seem to be better than others. There’s two ways to fix this: either figure out how to only hire the best reps in the world (which is nearly impossible), or find the right training techniques to help every single rep reach their full potential. But how?

The secret lies in AI-powered conversation guidance.

AI-powered conversation guidance is technology that uses AI to listen to your reps’ conversations and provide helpful tips as they speak, so that it’s like they have a tiny sales coach on their shoulder for all their calls. This is powerful technology, and it holds the key to helping all your reps be the best possible versions of themselves.

Here’s the top three ways that AI-powered conversation guidance can make your reps into Sales Superheros:

1. Help reps to have more successful conversations.

Whether a prospect wants to understand how you differ from a competitor, has a technical question about the product, or expresses a common objection, AI-powered conversation guidance provides reps with answers to any questions and concerns that come their way.

It does this by listening for specific keywords, and then showing reps relevant notifications based on the keywords. This means that the notifications are always relevant to the conversation, and are helping reps rather than distracting them.

Moments by Revenue.io provides links to content that’s related to conversations in real time, helping reps to immediately provide buyers with pieces that speak to their questions or concerns. For example, if the word “medical technology” is used, Moments™ can give reps immediate access to a medical technology case study. This is a powerful tool for increasing the marketing ROI of content, since it makes full use of pre-existing content libraries.

Likewise, Moments™ brings up links to content that reps would find useful, but wouldn’t necessarily share with a prospect — such as battle cards when a competitor is mentioned in a conversation, or a short set of notes based on product documentation or support articles when product features are mentioned.

2. Prevent reps from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Reps can be reminded in real time to avoid certain behaviors (such as booking a demo before a discovery) or to make sure to perform other behaviors (such as mentioning relevant products for cross-sell). These reminders can also be tailored to a specific rep’s common mistakes, so that they receive notifications specifically for their own idiosyncrasies.

For instance, if one of your reps has the tendency to go on long monologues, then Moments™ will remind them to pause and actively listen. Or if another rep often forgets to seek permission to record calls (which isn’t just a minor inconvenience, but can actually be illegal), Moments™ will provide a reminder within the first 30 seconds of the call to ask participants if they’re alright with the call being recorded.

These reminders, warnings, and other notifications can be provided based on individual behavior or based on a team’s overarching concerns or issues. This helps sales managers and coaches do their jobs more effectively, since they can rest assured that mistakes are being caught and taken care of before they become problems or bad habits.

3. Ramp reps faster and increase their career satisfaction.

It may seem obvious, but if you can reinforce sales lessons more frequently, then you can ramp reps faster. This has a significant business impact, since research shows that the average tenure of a new sales development rep is 14 months, yet it takes three months to ramp them to full quota. What if you could ramp reps in a matter of weeks, rather than a matter of months?

With AI-powered conversation guidance, this is actually possible because all the areas that trip up new reps the most — such as product information, pricing conversations, and competitor positioning — are made easier with real time alerts. And since mistakes can be corrected in the moment and training can be continually reinforced on calls, reps can quickly get up to speed and start imitating the behaviors of their most successful peers.

When reps ramp more quickly, find it easier to fulfill quota, and feel supported on calls, they’re also less likely to quit. This means that every rep is not only more productive day-to-day, but also more productive over the span of time that they work at your company.

Do all these benefits sound good to you? To find out more ways that AI-powered conversation guidance can help your sales team, check out our new eBook “AI-Powered Conversation Guidance: How to Transform Your Team in 30 Days.