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The importance of call libraries for learning

3 min readJuly 23, 2019

Call recording is an incredibly valuable tool for sales managers to leverage during sales coaching and training. It allows them to coach large teams at scale by granting them the ability to capture every call and be alerted when a specific situation or rep requires their attention.

These calls can be stored in call libraries where they can be organized and recalled as needed. This eliminates numerous challenges associated with call coaching, including the struggle of finding time to shadow each rep and actually finding a coachable moment. It also gives time back to sales managers since they don’t have to spend all day listening to calls. Call recordings improve call feedback since they allow managers to simply provide comments within the call recording for reps to review at convenient times.

If you do not compile an organized library of call recordings for rep learning, coaching, and training, you’re disregarding a high-value knowledge resource. This arsenal of calls not only helps reps, but it also provides crucial data to everyone in your organization, including the marketing and product development teams.

Call libraries share best practices

A team is stronger than the sum of its parts when each member benefits from the sharing of one another’s experiences. Often times, teams across an entire organization reap the rewards through access to star performer recordings. This is especially true when the star strays from the company’s sales script with consistent sales results, therefore showing its time to adjust scripts company-wide. The result is improved performance for all reps.

Call libraries enhance onboarding

Accelerate sales ramp up time by sharing best practice call recordings. These examples show new reps how each call situation should sound, removing the guesswork involved in the learning process. It’s also less distracting for existing reps since new reps don’t need to sit next to them to hear successful sales veterans in action.

Use call libraries for coaching

Regardless of what type of conversation needs to be improved, a call library that allows reps to find and listen to calls specific to their needs enhances the coaching process. Simply identify areas needing improvement and share specific best practice recordings with the rep so they hear what behavior to imitate to achieve the desired outcome.

Call reviews in team meetings

Call recordings are like game films, but for sales. Collect a library of imperfect calls, grouped by flaw, as well as exemplary ones for sales team meetings. Then review calls during team meetings. Use this as a training tool to either discuss how the flawed call could have been made better or why great calls are so effective. This will help all team members learn how to improve their calls while benefiting from each other’s strengths and talents. Plus, selecting and highlighting a rep’s call also serves as a form of recognition for stellar performance.

Call libraries for peer to peer coaching

Attach call recordings to Salesforce records to enable individual reps to share specific calls with other reps for peer-to-peer coaching. Feedback from their colleagues, especially those more experienced than them, helps reps continually improve. Also, it doesn’t require any additional effort from their sales manager!

Use of call libraries for self-improvement

Call libraries grant reps with access to their own calls, as well as those by peers. Access to each other’s calls makes it easy for them to improve by listening to their own calls and those made by other reps in similar situations.

Marketing can use call libraries too…

Having a library of call recordings at their disposal allows marketing to gain valuable insights. These insights enable them to improve customer personas, develop a deeper understanding of prospect challenges, and adjust marketing messaging.

Call libraries for product development

During the course of routine sales conversations prospects and customers may voice their interest in features your product or service that they wish they had. These are valuable insights to share with the product development team, helping them prioritize the next changes to focus on.

Call libraries are an important learning tool for your sales department and organization. Isn’t it time you created yours so you can start reaping the benefits?