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SMS Templates Create New Opportunities for Sales

2 min readMay 9, 2018

For some time now, reps have had full SMS functionality in Revenue.io’s Intelligent Dialer. Reps can send and receive text messages just like any mobile phone, with the added capability of a local presence number. Of course, every SMS is automatically logged in Salesforce for 100% visibility into the entire sales conversation.

Text messages have an astounding open rate of 98 percent. With email open rates averaging at 30 percent or less, it’s hard to ignore the effectiveness of SMS. Of the 98 percent of messages that are opened, 90 percent are read within the first 3 seconds of receipt. Imagine if your email could do that. When SMS is effectively used as a method to communicate with prospects and customers, there’s an even greater opportunity to have quality sales conversations, even if they’re short and sweet. In some cases, prospects actually prefer this over lengthy emails.

We’re excited to share our latest SMS feature – SMS templates!

SMS Templates Streamline Messaging for Sales

SMS Templates for SalesSimilar to our Call Notes Templates, SMS Templates are preset text messages that are ready to send directly from the Revenue.io Intelligent Dialer. Revenue.io Admins can craft SMS templates that have been tried and tested. When these templates are provided to your sales team, they can quickly send follow up messages after a demo, check in with a prospect during the week, and more. SMS Templates ensure that reps always have quick access to impactful messages to help guide prospects through the evaluation process.

Since reps can message directly in the Intelligent Dialer, they don’t have to interrupt their standard workflow to send a message. Revenue.io also automatically records all activities and messages to the lead’s Salesforce record so there is always complete visibility into the sales conversations.

If you want to complement your phone sales efforts with text messages, SMS Templates are a powerful way to ensure proper usage to drive success. Just last week, a potential customer actually asked that we text with them, as it was quicker and more convenient. All of the discussion to ensure Revenue.io was a fit and schedule a demo was done via SMS.

For more detail on the benefits of text messages in sales and considerations you need to make, read our next post.

Need help getting started with SMS Templates? Contact our Support team to get set up.

Or if you want to learn how Revenue.io (along with SMS templates) can benefit your sales team we’d love to show you how!

Important Note: SMS messages are covered under the TCPA. When using text messages as part of any sales communication, consult with your legal team to ensure you are in compliance.