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Connecting Inbound Phone Calls and Salesforce.com Using Simple CTI

2 min readMay 3, 2020

Imagine that you’re a lead qualification agent, inside sales rep, or any of the important people that take inbound sales calls. You’re working hard to ensure that callers are qualified leads, prioritize those leads, and hand them off to the most qualified sales reps. For most lead qual agents, this process usually entails creating a new lead record in a CRM such as Salesforce.com, asking the caller what their phone number is along with any additional information, and typing all this information onto the page.

That’s a lot of manual work, and it frankly leaves a lot of room for error. In a busy call center, those reps are qualifying a lot of inbound leads, and it’s never surprising when phone numbers and other data is entered incorrectly.

Fear not. Lead qualification doesn’t have to suck.

Introducing Revenue.io’s Simple CTI for Salesforce.com 

Our lightweight widget sits directly in your web browser and pops an alert notification when the phone rings. One click takes you to the contact record that matches the incoming caller. The phone number is already stored, so all you have to do is take notes and save the page. It’s amazingly simple and powerful.

When we demonstrated this for our first beta customer, her reaction was, “This makes my job so much easier!”

Meanwhile, in the background, Revenue.io’s call tracking technology has already connected the marketing campaign that triggered the call with a Salesforce.com campaign. This isn’t just great because your head of marketing will be able to determine which marketing efforts are driving calls. It also means that your lead qualification reps never have to ask that fateful question: “How’d you hear about us?”