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Selling Forward: The Revenue-Building Summit of the Summer

4 min readMay 28, 2020

September 2020 note: this post is related to our Selling Forward virtual event that was attended by several thousand sales leaders in June 2020. The event may be over, but you can still watch all of the the great content at www.revenue.io/webinars

By now we all know that things are, and likely will be different for some amount of time. But how will things actually be different? Sales and marketing teams had to first adapt to remote selling, managers had to learn to coach from afar as teams reshaped their messages, changed strategies, and found new ways to earn revenue. Now, as states gradually reopen another change is on the horizon and once again sales and marketing teams stare into the unknown as we hear the phrase “new normal” over and over again. What will companies face in the coming months, what decisions will they have to make, what changes will happen, and how can they best prepare?

These questions will be answered by visionaries, leaders, and experts in Selling Forward. Learn the strategies, tactics, technologies, and data that you need to succeed in Q3, Q4, and beyond. On June 9 and 10, join the virtual summit to hear from partners like Ambition, HG Insights, Engagio, Vidyard, Sendoso, and LeanData.

Experience sessions from world-class speakers, including:
Craig Rosenberg, Aaron Ross, Keenan, Paul Smith, Jeb Blount, Mike Weinberg, Stu Heinecke, Tyler Lessard, Brian Trautschold, Alice Heiman, Evan Liang, Meganne Brezina, Bryan Naas, Ralph Barsi, Victor Antonio, Morgan Ingram, Stephanie Sullivan, Deb Calvert, Jon Miller, Sally Duby, Lori Harmon, Justin Kitagawa, Andrea Waltz, Sam East, and Sangram Vajre.

Session tracks include the Sales Conversation, Prospecting, Sales Management, Operations, and Demand Generation.

To see more, and/or register, click here.

The schedule is as follows:

June 9, 2020

How Every Company Must Adapt To The Next Normal
9:00 AM
Howard Brown, Andy Paul, & Craig Rosenberg
CEO Revenue.io /Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host / Co-Founder of  TOPO

Predictable Revenue in Unpredictable Times
9:30 AM
Aaron Ross
CEO, PredictableRevenue.com

The Peter Principle and Why You Should Stop Promoting Based on Sales Performance
10:00 AM
Richard Harris
Legendary Sales Trainer, Harris Consulting Group

Sales Differentiation in the New Economy
10:30 AM
Lee Salz
Sales Speaker, Revenue Acceleration Specialist, Consultant, Bestselling Author, “Sales Differentiation”

The Future of Sales, Prospecting, and Storytelling
11:00 AM
Keenan, Paul Smith, Jeb Blount & Mike Weinberg
Bestselling Author, “Gap Selling” / Bestselling Author, “Sell with a Story” / Bestselling Author, “Fanatical Prospecting” / Bestselling Author, “New Sales, Simplified”

Get the Meeting, No Matter What the Circumstance
12:00 PM
Stu Heinecke
WSJ Cartoonist, Bestselling Author, “Get The Meeting!”

Using Video to Grow Marketing & Sales Momentum
12:30 PM
Tyler Lessard
VP of Marketing, Vidyard

How To Run The Perfect Sales Contest (And Change Your Team Forever)
1:00 PM
Brian Trautschold
Co-Founder, Ambition

Poorly Positioned: Ask You Reps These Questions to Close Deals Faster
1:30 PM
Alice Heiman
Founder & CSO, Alice Heiman LLC

Revenue Operations: The Path to Success
2:00 PM
Evan Liang
CEO & Co-Founder, LeanData

The Future of Sales Boot Camp
2:30 PM
Meganne Brezina & Bryan Naas
Director of Enterprise Enablement, Lessonly / Director of Sales Enablement, Lessonly

June 10, 2020

You’re in Your Own Way: How to Overcome Mental Barriers and Get Through Crises
9:00 AM
Ralph Barsi
VP, Global Inside Sales, Tray.io

No Touch Selling: How to Use (simple) Technology to Sell at a (social) Distance
9:30 AM
Victor Antonio
Sales Trainer, Motivational Keynote Speaker

Keeping Prospecting Fun
10:00 AM
Morgan J Ingram
Director of Sales Execution & Evolution, JB Sales Training / Creator of “The SDR Chronicles” Channel

How to Cut Sales Rep Ramp Time by 50%
10:30 AM
Howard Brown, Andy Paul, Cameron Orr & Stephanie Sullivan
CEO of Revenue.io / Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host / Revenue.io CSO / Director of Growth Operations, ChowNow

The All-New Needs Assessment: From Diagnostics to Dialog
11:00 AM
Deb Calvert
President, People First Productivity, Bestselling Author, “DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected”

The New Way of Thinking About Account-Based Engagement
11:30 AM
Jon Miller & William Tyree
Co-Founder & CEO Engagio /Revenue.io CMO

Selling in 2020 During a Crisis
12:00 PM
Sally Duby & Lori Harmon
CSO, Bridge Group / Vice President, Global Cloud Sales & Customer Success, NetApp

How to Prioritize Virtual Selling on Accounts with the Highest Likelihood to Buy
12:30 PM
Justin Kitagawa
Senior Director – Product Marketing & Operations, HG Insights

Rejection Reality: The Keys to Handling No’s in Sales
1:00 PM
Andrea Waltz
Bestselling Co-Author, “Go for No!”

Inspiring Leadership Through Challenging Times
1:30 PM
Howard Brown, Sam East, Brian Trautschold & Sangram Vajre
CEO, Revenue.io / CRO, Sendoso / C0-Founder & COO Ambition / Co-Founder, Terminus

To see more and/or register, click here.