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3 B2B Sales Training Tips to Help New Reps Reach Revenue Goals Faster

3 min readJune 7, 2020

The days of long ramp periods for sales reps are coming to an end. In this highly competitive sales landscape, there’s little time to wait. That’s why it’s absolutely vital for sales managers to help reps drive pipeline and win revenue as fast as humanly possible. So how can inside sales managers help reps hit the ground running?

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Sales managers can help their reps reach revenue goals faster than ever.

In order to answer that question, we recently hosted a webinar called How to Build Your Sales Dream Team that covered both how to hire amazing sales reps and also how to get them revenue-positive ASAP. From our webinar, here are a few tips that you can use to quickly transform new sales hires into powerful revenue creators.

Help New Hires Understand Your Buyers

According to ServiceNow’s Senior Director of Global Demand Center Ralph Barsi, one of the most important things that reps should do is to focus on understanding their buyers. By focusing on buyer personas and customers profiles, reps can begin to understand—far sooner—who is buying, what their pain points are and how to solve key problems. According to Ralph Barsi, by focusing intensely on customer profile and customers’ critical business issues, reps can become truly productive after only 4-6 weeks. According to Ralph Barsi, “Don’t bring in a new rep and immediately start drilling all features, and the history of your company. Everything should focus on the customer, on the marketplace and on the landscape.”

Start AEs with Small Territories

AEs should start by working deals they can actually win! That way, while they’re ramping up they can actually be creating revenue. According to Datanyze’s Co-Founder and CRO Ben Sardella, when we bring in a new AE, regardless of their past experience, it’s important to start them with a small territory. By focusing on smaller companies and smaller deals, AEs can have more conversations in a shorter period of time. They can really get their feet wet without the high risk of blowing big deals. This has led to some powerful results. According to Ben Sardella, this enables AEs to close deals (albeit smaller ones) in their first month.

Provide Data in the Context of Calls

While it’s important to get reps on the phone as quickly as you can, some reps need more call training than others. Luckily, there are some ways to help reps—even new ones—have smarter calls. Revenue.io provides a complete contact history, lead notes, Chatter feeds, marketing automation data, open tasks and a lot more in a single view. This helps reps prepare for calls faster and have smarter sales conversations while on a call. As an example, say you sell marketing automation software. If your rep knew that a lead downloaded your guide to social media automation, that rep would instantly know that the lead has an interest in social media marketing. This could help influence the way the rep sells your product.

For more tips on how to get your reps revenue-positive faster, watch our webinar How to Build Your Sales Dream Team on demand.