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Sales Ops Superheroes On How to Hire an Amazing Director of Sales Operations

Revenue Blog  > Sales Ops Superheroes On How to Hire an Amazing Director of Sales Operations
2 min readDecember 6, 2020

A great sales operations manager or director of sales operations is nothing short of a superhero. More and more sales leaders are waking up to just how important a role sales operations has become.


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Just think of all the data involved in sales today. There’s prospect data that, when delivered in the right context, can help salespeople close deals faster and win more revenue. Reps also need easy access to historical data from CRM. Not to mention the fact that they need to capture the right data in their CRM tool during and after sales calls. Sales ops also has to be able to act as a viable conduit between sales, marketing, analysts, product and other oft-siloed business departments. This is essential in order to ensure that reps can do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and sales leaders have the information they need to make the right strategic decisions.

A great sales ops plan is often the secret sauce that helps sales organizations thrive. Whereas sales operations was once a tactical position, sales ops superheroes now have a VIP seat at the sales leadership table, partnering with other sales leaders to ensure that the organization runs like a well-oiled machine. So if you haven’t yet onboarded a sales ops leader, it’s very likely that you will soon. While many sales leaders are interested in onboarding a sales ops pro, one question that I hear asked a lot is: what qualities should I look for in a sales operations manager?

To help answer that question, in our latest eBook we asked some of the most brilliant and successful sales operations leaders around what qualities to look for when hiring a great sales ops director. Here’s what they had to say:

“Whether it’s someone currently on your team or an outside hire, look for great problem solvers. Sales operations managers need to be really tactical, but to also understand the overarching strategy.
I often act as the middleman between executives and sales reps. When executives bring up a problem, it’s up to me to actually solve the problem by not just understanding their strategic objectives, but also how to implement them.”

jeff lamb-Jeff Lamb
Director of Sales Operations, Degreed



“A great sales operations manager is collaborative, proactive, and deeply understands their organization’s sales processes. Managers must be data-driven and analytical in their approach to solving problems.”

jen-schlueter-Jen Schlueter
Manager, Sales Operations, Cvent



“You’ve got to hire smart, driven people who are good communicators. They need the ability to communicate with people with various different skill sets across various departments. They also need to be able to keep asking questions. Asking those second and third-level questions is the key to effectively analyzing data and discovering new trends.”

anziniFranco Anzini
Senior Director, Sales Operations, Xactly Corp.



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